Thursday, 5 May 2011

Interhouse Sports Carnival 2011

And a more gorgeous day weather-wise could not have been ordered.  A bright sunny day with a pleasant cool breeze, just perfect for us coffee-sipping, camera-lugging Mums.  With children in every age division, and a field event rotation in place, the dilemma of which child to watch in which event is a process that come the end of the day must result in some photographic evidence that one was in fact everywhere.

Or at least somewhere. 

The 800 metre race was up first, most exhausting, with the two older girls competing against each other.

and coming in second and third.
I think.

A quick high five before scooting to the other end of the oval to catch a glimpse of the boy in full flight over the long jump pit

where I managed to stay put with rake in one hand and tape measure in other.
Despite mild protesting and some sulking
 I missed all of the shot put events and most of the high jump.

although did manage another action shot of the boy child.

Jessie, with notebook in hand,

displayed beautiful leadership skills,
pointing, directing, guiding her team all day.

The opposition won the march-past.
(I'm still not convinced the judging was all above-board).
Just between you and me.

Sal's ball-handling skills honed after an afternoon offsiding for Dad castrating piglets yesterday afternoon.  Read into that what you will.

She really brought home the bacon today though.
Age Champion Girl.
My baby.


  1. Well done everyone, your are all champions. What a nice day for a sports carnival.

  2. well done Sally! that ball handling really paid off! ;-)(and great work to the rest of the kids of course). your school is slightly bigger than ours, to have interHOUSE sports! {and have you heard about the highjump - the expensive to replace - mat dilemma/rules?}

  3. Fiona
    You should be so overwhelming proud of your 4 kids. Whether they come 1st, 2nd or last really doesn't matter at least they are actively engaged in what young ones should be doing. Not attached to e-pods ( or whatever those gadgets are!) and not sitting stuffing themselves with MacDonalds junk food in front of a TV.
    You, Fiona, and your "better half" ( secret mens talk), should come down to dear old Brisbane and give advice to the kids here, but your honesty on up bringing would probably get up the noses of the "PC and Greenie Crowd".
    What with Telstra today and now, please e-mail me Sharon, on this "the expensive to replace - mat dilemma/rules?" Nothing like Telstra and Bangladore will ever surprise me again!
    Congratulations to the kids.
    Colin (HB)

  4. Sounds like you had to run around as much as they did! Love the last photo of your daughter with the medal - well done to all!

  5. Fun pictures! Congrats to the bacon bringer.

  6. Great to see everyone having a go and congrats to Sally for emerging victorious at the end of the day - that's a beautiful medal for a young girl.

  7. You must have been so very proud! I look forward to the days when I need to be three places at once.....



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