Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Many Faces of Boredom

We killed pigs on the weekend.

A job that starts with a fire and bringing a large volume of water to suitable temperature for 'scalding' purposes.  As we edge into Winter our country is becoming a much browner shade of green.  As grass hays off we become mindful of fire-threats with exceptional summer rain providing us with a huge body of fuel in the form of drying paddocks.

Subsequently it was necessary for somebody to stand guard with the fire.

Jessie drew the short straw.

When I congratulated her on her level of responsibility and enquired how it became her job, she responded, she wasn't as quick as the other three at getting back to the house when Dad called for a volunteer.

So, alone, she sat in the back of the ute.

While the other three skylarked in the houseyard.

Steel took pity and put in a brief appearance.

Soon joined by effervescent Ruby

which helped

turn the frown...

upside down.


  1. What a gorgeous post...what a gorgeous girl. Beautiful photos (as always). Do you know I watched our friends slaughter a pig when I was nine (the same way, put into a big bath of boiling water), and haven't eaten roast pork, ham or pork chops since. AND I'm a farmers daughter!!

  2. That daughter of yours is a stunning specimen!

    What a responsible child. Good karma for doing boring jobs will come to her ... possibly in the form of an extra pork sausage.

  3. She is so beautiful Fiona.

    I agree with MMMC - what goes around, comes around.

  4. SHe is simply adorable!!

    I remember my dad hunting for wild pig and bringing them home to hang on the line so he could singe all the hair off. The smell still nauseates me.

  5. I think my dog might be related to yours.

    What good company she keeps.

  6. Good Girl Jess. Volunteering has it's upside - in this case, you got a blog post all to yourself! You really are beautiful.

  7. Great photography of your daughter, Jess.
    Now Fiona!!!!
    Are you really going to show photos of your culinary capabilities with a PORK ROAST?
    How can you be so cruel? Anyhow, I am pretty good at the Rack of Pork cooking, if I say so myself!
    Oh by the way, did you eventually manage to get all those jeans washed, dried and ironed?
    I hope the "cuddily" Brahman was able to assist?
    Yep, I'll let you know of my attempts at the apple dessert. Maybe next week, action stations will commence.
    Colin (HB)

  8. What a beautiful girl! Amazing pics, as always. She looks like she should be modeling. Beautiful!

  9. It's good that you expect all the children to help with the many jobs around the place. It all sounds like hard work on a farm. I guess she doesn't always draw the short straw though! She really is beautiful (in all moods!) and these photos are lovely.

  10. Just found your blog, it is precious! Love the pictures. I have always loved Australia, and love hearing about your life there.

    xo from California!

  11. Ahh, I recognise those looks, especially on one of my daughters :)

  12. Oh boy, do I recognize that look! Glad she was smiling by the end of it.



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