Friday, 27 May 2011

Our Newest Team Member

Meet Coke.

Formerly residing and working at Bottle Tree Creek, Coke was destined to spend the rest of his days chewing his water bowl and barking at the mailman in town.  Asked if we could look into finding him a good home, we set about an induction to Team RockWallaby.

He's only been with us a week, but has made quite an impression thus far.

Not  a plant exists in this houseyard he hasn't felt the need to urinate on.

He's particularly enjoyed marking his territory all around Fred's cage, which has the Wonderdog absolutely livid.

He's managed to find a decaying mass of something in close proximity to the house and has spent enough time smearing himself with it, that his long coat now resembles dreadlocks and he smells like a decomposing elephant.

He's very much a 'man's dog', apparently unable to even decipher my voice with his super-sonic canine hearing.

I took him to check some waters a couple of days ago in the back of the ute.  A bonding exercise I'd hoped.  Upon hearing the ute, the cattle decided to head for the hills, I unhooked Coke and sent him wayback.  Coke promptly set in behind them and pushed them so far away, that all I could hear was the rustle of cattle through timber.  He came back more than happy with himself.  I promptly clipped him back up and will hand him over fully to the master for further training purposes.  Obviously more a heeler, than a header.

I've since revoked his 'Team Member' badge, replaced with an 'In Training' one, complete with smiley face.


  1. Hmmmm Fiona, I wouldn't normally consume Coke this early in the morning but am glad I did because this zesty little fellow has given me my first giggle for the morning.

    Best wishes teaching this old dog his new tricks, I'm sure he's clever enough to know when he's on a good wicket and will come around quickly.

  2. Haha oh poor Coke, our 'wonderdog' Pippa has a tendency to only listen to Boss too, I took her the other day to get some sheep in and she was out of control, Matt took her and she is wonderdog all over. Hmph.

  3. Oh he's so cute - how could you possibly rouse on him!! He looks smart so I'm sure you'll whip him into shape in no time!

  4. heh heh heh...boys will be boys and one wonders if the previous owner had some inkling of his talents - or lack thereof - when he was looking for a new home!

    that said, he is a fine looking dog! I do feel for poor old Fred but I am sure in time Fred will restore the pecking - and peeing - order.

    Still giggling at "go wayback" and thinking of my own experiences trying to get neighbours dog to "go round" - tried a variety of words and hand movements, and then sent the KIDS back, put myself in the lead, and everyone, dog included, was happy. All to bring in the milker. ;-)

    still very artic up here, said to husband last night that my wardrobe was not meant to sustain more than three days in a row of cold weather - especially for public outings!

  5. He's adorable, what a lovely addition, hope he's a quick learner :-)He'll be much happier with you than in a backyard.

  6. Ah Fiona
    There is really nothing like, except a blue heeler, than a kelpie. Honest, loyal and loving.
    I have one across the road, I feel so sorry for the dog, really lovable, and well looked after. Taken to the park or beach for exercise, but it is not in its right environment. Farm life for kelpies and blue heelers, not urban prisons.
    Oh yes, they are very good with the leg lifting exercise - ha ha!
    Great and amusing post, Fiona.
    My Toowong butcher, a country boy, would be proud of you. Hope I get a discount from him on that appraisal???????
    Colin (HB)

  7. Good looking border collie! That's what we use here......and because they'll usually go way or come-by to the front and bunch cattle rather than just driving them, although they'll do that too.

  8. Beautiful Boder Collie! My all time favorite dog. We see lots of them with the sheep here and lots with the ranches. He will have lots to learn from city living to country, but I'm sure it won't take long.


  9. Hello Coke. Be good for your Momma. She's really the boss.

  10. Our two kelpies don't know anything about cattle! Cheryl tries to lick their noses and Chime growls at them. The new cow doesn't like them at all, so they have to stay out of her paddock for a while until she gets used to them. They love to come for rides in the ute and "help" with chores like cutting firewood. I'm so glad that they have plenty of space (although not much work to do) and are not bored city dogs.

  11. I can't says as I've ever smelled a decomposing elephant but I can imagine. Guess someone needs a bath...or three.

    I've heard of kelpies on other Aussie blogs, but didn't know they were border collies. Learn something new every day.

  12. Someone once told me if I was a dog I'd be a Border Collie. Perhaps as rebellious as this one too... I'm sure he's just testing his new adoptive family. He looks intelligent so I hope he shapes up. He doesn't look like a town dog.

  13. I did not know they had holy rollers in Oz, as well. (This is only funny if you folks call fanatical Christians 'holy rollers'.)

    Anyhow, I've had the privilege of meeting two border collies/kelpies in my life, and I have never seen such intelligence in dogs in all my days. Oh, that and I learned not to start a game of fetch with them, because it is NEVER over.



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