Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Two Quarters

Two horses were included in the livestock, plant and equipment we purchased with Bottle Tree Creek.  Two Quarter Horses that hadn't felt the weight of a saddle for over six years.  Far too handy to be dogged according to the previous owner.

And so, with some trepidation the big fella saddled up for a trial run during our weekend visit.  The mare was decidedly unhappy when the saddle hit her back, wedging tail firmly between legs and leaning as far away from man as she could.

She behaved quite well though.  Although I don't think we'll be heading to Warwick for the Gold Cup this year, she at least didn't try any shenanigans with the boss.  Describing her style as something close to a Kmart shopping trolley with one square wheel, I don't think there'll be too many fights over who wants to ride this old girl.

Much to the delight of the gathering crowd of onlookers

bovine ... and human

little chestnut did put on a show.

Dropping his head more than once, the crowd cheered him on, taunting Dad and questioning both his ability and courage, while I started looking for appropriate landing sites for the Medical Rescue chopper.  No need, with the ringer from the top end showing style befitting a man half his age.

With the show over and apparently only my nerves a little rattled,

Jessie explained to the others just how brave our Dad really is, with a heart much bigger than a pea!


  1. Gosh Fiona, my heart was in my throat reading that. I haven't ridden for years, but my first horse was a beautiful black quarter horse, who was lovely in the menage, but a devil in open country - he'd put his head down and bolt - it was terrifying. He lasted 2 weeks and we sent him back!

    Isn't your Jessie something?

  2. You know the reason I keep coming back here is because of your photos. Such a beautiful picture of life is the Australian Country - they're great!

  3. Glad the ringer survived. Great photos as always.

  4. I am not sure why but I have always had a fear of horses...we used to walk through a paddock of them when I was a child and I remember never being brave enough to walk by them...I was always the one who skirted the fence line. I do however love to see pictures of your horses, especially of your children riding :) Makes me less afraid.

  5. Fantastic photos. Your husband is a beautiful rider.

  6. ah, men have such a way with words! perhaps she will improve with a little more work, she looks a lovely mare (in very good condition too!)

    Had the privledge of riding one of my brothers camp horses just yesterday, and apparently a morning of hard work prior to my getting on did little to dampen his spirits!(nothing require RFDS on standby however!)

    We are going to get such great tales of adventure from BottleTree Creek, I forsee!

    PS. love the oldest girls work attire. Most fetching! ;-)OH, one more thing - I have that very same saddle!

  7. LOL I've rode horses that fit the description "as something close to a Kmart shopping trolley with one square wheel". I'm glad he had such a great "peanut gallery" to cheer him on;)

  8. I love your blog, friend!!
    Looks like fun is made out of every situation, which is the way it should be!! :)


    I sigh wistfully as I look at your photos.

    I always tend to think a Man looks even more handsome on a horse.

    It just a thing I have. Ha.

    Lots a love, Niki.
    Ps are we ready to go?

  10. Hi Fiona. I love your photos and story. It's funny but sometimes when i read your blog, I just smile at the beauty you capture. I hope you turn all of these wonderful photos into photobooks or something wonderful. best wishes, Jane x

  11. Beautiful photos as always - I wish I had your talent with a camera!

    Glad you didn't need the rescue chopper after all. I remember my dad and assorted uncles 'riding the buck' out of my first horse before letting me on - she was a whole lot of wild but I loved her still!

    I agree with Niki - a man does look more handsome on a horse! I think all the westerns I watched as a kid imprinted on my brain!

  12. A lot of it is to do with the Genes (no, not the jeans!).

  13. Great photos of the horses and the rider.
    The kids look ready to take over the riding department.
    Just back this morning again in wet Brisbane - well actually a 4.00am wake up at the Samford Grand at Glenelg to catch the QF flight back, 6.15am, to a then sunny Brisbane! Didn't last long, thankfully no rain in SA, except for last night and the countryside looks as if this Brisbane stuff would be very welcome. The area I stayed in 160 klms north of Adelaide, Burra, was really DRY!
    ps: When will the young-uns get their turn on the two new horses?????

  14. That bunch hanging on the fence, don't seem real impressed......LOL

  15. Sounds interesting, pretty brave Man I would say, and looks like it turned out alright. Cows sure look interested in whats going on there.

  16. They are beautiful horses, Fiona. I would have had frazzled nerves right along with ya!

  17. I'm SOOOO glad you didn't have to have call in a heli. But, you know, our guys really enjoy still being able to do what they used to do. I get pretty stressed at different moments so really do understand you.




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