Monday, 16 May 2011

The Week that Was

Yesterday morning at five o'clock a procession of sleepy-faced children marched into our bedroom, up onto our bed and peered out our eastern facing window to catch a glimpse of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars at their finest, brilliant, almost aligned best.  The children's less than astounded response to this astronomical phenomenon left me a little deflated, but somewhat smug that I'd managed to wrestle them all from their slumber for this little scientific lesson.

So while the alignment of the planets didn't seem to shake our world too greatly, it was a rather fitting end to a week that included:

1.  The revelation that Fred the Wonderdog and Ella my ever loyal protector have been involved in a little canine hanky-panky, resulting in Ella being in a 'motherly' way.  Wallace shed a little more light on the situation, noting that he may have released Ella from her cage to clean it, and Fred may or may not have been present during such time and may or may not have had a "piggy-back", unquote.

2.  A special gift in the form of a CWA Cake-Baking Cookbook (be still my beating heart) found it's way to my mailbox from the far reaches of Western Australia and the hands of A Farmer's Wife.  The very happy winner of a contest on AFW's blog I was absolutely delighted to flick through the pages of this beauty and will be sharing in the near future.  Thank you to my lovely farming friend in WA, and I do hope it rains for you soon.

3.  We had an extra youngster in the house this week, daughter of our neighbours who had to attend to business in Brisbane.  As an only child, I understand she is still recovering from the general noise, mess and calamity that is our life, at last report still sitting in a corner, sucking her thumb, quietly rocking.

4.  There was a ridiculous amount of baking, including choc chip biscuits, date and walnut rolls, carrot and vanilla cakes.  Most of which was used at our Interschool Sports Carnival on Friday (see below).

5.  The Interschool Sports Carnival which saw our small school victorious for the first time in many years.  Wallace scored an Age Champion Trophy and performed high jump like the Karate Kid.

Champion indeed.

We're off to the District Carnival this week.  We might be small fish in a big pond there.

6.  I began a blitz on this garden bed which in latter years has become more and more of a snake haven.  With the assistance of two children and a Stihl chainsaw it's coming along quite nicely.  Photos to come.

7.  Ready to move the chooks onto one of the old vege beds, I did a quick walk through and came up with an assorted bunch of eggplants, beetroot and tomatoes. 

The eggplant bushes surprised me

with at least ten small eggplants appearing.

 Moussaka, here we come.  The chooks will have to stay put a little longer.

8.  This truck was advertised for sale in the bible of the bush, anybody interested in a cattle truck please leave your details below.  Only driven on Sundays by a little old lady.

9.  Feeding up yesterday afternoon, we were surprised by a most unwelcome visitor.  A rather large wild Boar was seen scouting the perimeter of our pig paddock.  Wild Bill and his posse were straight onto it.  We don't tolerate porcine hanky-panky in these parts.  We have enough trouble with the domestic animals.

10.  And then, just for fun and because the sun was shining, we made hay.  Hundreds and hundreds of square bales, which still need to be picked up and put in the shed.  Known affectionately as idiot bales in these parts, as the 'smart operators' all make large round bales which are moved with machinery only, not like these little devils which require a fair amount of hands-on .

11.  Dad had a haircut.

What a blessing the girls are now up for this task. 

12.  There was a fair amount of horse-riding. 

In the houseyard.

More fertiliser.

And now, I have idiot bales to pick up.  Hope your planets aligned this week.


  1. 1. i suspect a Fred and Elle (the guinea pig lover?!) cross would be rather adorable. Inconvenient yes, but OH, how cute. Will be waiting to see the results! great story
    2. Very nice high jump style. We have our District Carnival on Wednesday. Little fish indeed.
    3.Nice truck. However, due to an overabundance of trucks already in our posession, I will not be telling the husband about it, however I have no doubt he will find it in the bible - do other men read all of the classified like he does?!
    4. I do hope for your sake you have an elevator and are not picking up those bales by hand! I have a personal preference for those sized bales for feeding horses and poddies, however we use the big round bales for weaners. Great for building fitness when one's tractor is out fencing and one has to roll and stand the bales (and negotiating the feeder/rack thing over the top). I have been informed that this is one of my duties this coming week....oh yay!

  2. Fiona

    Never a dull moment in your "neck of the woods". I am sure I wouldn't like to run into the wonderdog "Fred"!
    Yes, I SURE hope the planets were aligned for me with this e-mail address business. Thanks for the quick response - so far 20 out of 70! Took ages to do, as this address book, lists names, under first name, surname and e-mail name! I'll have to sort that problem out next!
    Colin (HB)

  3. I love reading your blog!!

    Always makes me smile. :)

    Sounds like lots of interesting goings on around your place. Love the pictures too!!

  4. I'm surprised Elle isn't desexed....more unwanted pups for the world, fabulous...

  5. A busy week! Would love a peek at the chook enclosure Fiona, pretty please??

    And I must say, Mr CKC is very brave letting those clippers near him. Mr SJW still flinches when I saddle up for hairdressing duties.


  6. How gorgeous to have new puppies (I wonder why Anonymous thinks they'll be unwanted and why she didn't leave a name .. she gets around though,dispensing acid drops and superiority here and there in blogland). Well done on the eggplants and well done Wallace.

  7. Yes, we have an elevator Sharon and I'll be driving, not stacking, so no complaints really.

    Good luck with the 'technology' Colin, it can be a little frustrating at times.

    Rachel, thanks for stopping by. Your part of the world is warming up I guess.

    Anonymous, I appreciate your concern, but can assure you that any unwanted puppies will be handled in a manner that will have no impact on the rest of the outside world!

    Georgie, I'll see what I can do. I did do a post when I built it ... ( But will provide an update.

    Yes Val, Anonymous is a little presumptuous. Rottweilers were initially bred as a herding dog, I'm quite looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  8. So glad you got the cookbook and look forward to seeing the results.

    Good luck with the gardening. Will the snakes have hibernated now or do they come out all year round in your neck of the woods? Ours have apparently taken to their beds for the winter.

  9. Fiona
    I can't wait to see the pups - pity about Anonymous. City and town dogs have to be de-sexed or you require a licence for breeding purposes, farm/property dogs are a different "kettle of fish" or is that "dogs"?
    Colin (HB)

  10. What a great week you have had..Beautiful family living a wonder filled life

  11. Oooh...enjoy the CWA cookbook!
    I got it out from the library last week and made the Moist Banana Cake - yummmmm! And I don't even like bananas!!!
    You can always trust a CWA recipe - those ladies know how to cook!

  12. I'm only anon as my system doesn't allow me to create a user name , it's Vanessa & I regularily read this blog and generally love it. Thanks Val but you do have me confused with someone else, this is just a topic I am passionate about. I'm just surprised that someone as intelligent as Fiona & family have non desexed dogs roaming the property. So you say their handling won't harm the outside world....will you rehome them or do they have another more traditional fate ahead??

    As for my knowledge of Rotti's I'm very aware of their history, having owned several. It's also an interesting fact to note that big black dogs are amougst the highest rates of those dumped.

    I do hope you find homes for them all and will be interested to see if they do turn into working dogs....

    Desexing animals is a bug bear of mine, city or country, it's called responible pet ownership.

  13. Hi Fiona

    I have been trying to talk the hubby into purchasing for me, a square baler. I need a few of those 'idiot' bales inside my barn for when I am milking. It would make my life a lot easier in the long run, instead of forking/carrying hay half way across the yard to the barn. Mind you I have pitched a square bale for over 30 years. I don't think these ole bones could handle that chore!


  14. A beautiful photographic look into life on the farm. Always a pleasure. Those chocchip cookies are just what I feel like right now. I think I need to get some recipes from you for Goose's lunchbox - you always seem to be baking something delicious!

  15. Don't remember how I found my way here - but sure glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Love the shot of the high jumper, well captured!

  16. Sounds like a very productive week, I have never seen an eggplant plant, so thanks for that :)

  17. What a busy life you have! I laughed at the story of the dogs - it will be fun to see what the little ones look like. Everyone makes those huge round bales here too - but I used to like the little oblong ones and they made neater stacks. You could sit on them too! But they're heavy to hand-lift. I used to help my friend on their farm years ago.

  18. Wow, I always adore your photography.....just gorgeous xo

  19. I found my way here from the All Litten Up blog, your photos are stunning!

  20. Never a dull day Fiona! I wish I could rekindle my baking bug, it's been on an extended holiday - of course I do bake for school events and then hubby wistfully watches it all waltz out the door. ROFL on the extra youngster recovering, I think a lot of our little visitors do the same thing. Of course, we do have one child that visits occasionally and leaves US cowering in the corner...



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