Monday, 13 June 2011

Another Week

Days seem to be turning into weeks into months far too quickly at the moment.
This past week saw an Under 8's Day at school. 

Technically not under 8, Wallace still felt compelled to enjoy the great myriad of activities on offer.

These rogue piglets found a point of exit from their paddock and are wreaking havoc at every turn.  If they touch my potatoes I'll have an apple stuffed in their mouths faster than they can say "wee wee wee, all the way home".

With a yard full of weaners, Ruby and Steel have had a full-time job educating them. 

Coke rather non-plussed by all the fuss.

He thinks he's at Mission Beach.  All he needs is a Pina Colada.
This little critter met us at the gate on the way home from school Friday afternoon.

Prickly character.

We had 23 mils of rain Saturday on what was definitely the coldest day of the year thus far.  I shivered all day, enough to ring Matthew and insist he buy a heater on his way through town.  I transferred the laptop to a spot directly in front of it and spent the day trying to look busy entering calf records.  The children played games,

we made bread, pea & ham soup and self-saucing chocolate pudding. 

And then when the rain stopped I started to plough

and Matthew inspected, in between trucking machinery between here and Bottle Tree.  We'll be re-planting lucerne hopefully by the end of the week.

With a long weekend to fill, the kids set about busying themselves,

bikes to ride,

bubbles to blow,

feed bins to sit in,

and grain fires to watch

whilst wishing for marshmallows and wondering how we could transfer this apparatus to the lounge room.
Thankfully our Winters only last a week or two.

Counting down to school holidays now.  Two weeks of school to go.


  1. Love all your photos, as usual.

    It has been freezing. I'm tempted to light a fire just like the one you've made, but there are rules about doing that on the floor of the loungeroom.

    What do you mean only two weeks until the school holidays?

  2. Enjoy your week of winter (jealous tone there!).

    We moved out from Brisbane to experience the seasons and get away from the humidity. Four years later we've had enough of the cold and are starting to dream of being able to wear shorts 10 months of the year!

    Winters here last a good 4 months if not 6!!! I'm done with it but where to go, where to go.....!

  3. It is now very cold here too.

    I love the echidna photo....

    Take care.

  4. I hate admitting I have never been to the real country. I have never set foot on a real farm. I have always wanted to and you photos make me long for the experience even more.

  5. I love all your photos. You're such a busy person I don't know how you find time to do it all.
    The self saucing chocolate pud sounds delicious :)

    For some reason Blogger won't let me post as normal!!

  6. You've had a busy week. I'm with you on the heater - the closer I am to it, the better. Instant heat, love it. I have developed a soft spot for Coke. How's he doing?

  7. Yep, Fiona, the weather sure has got colder and pretty fast at that! Imagine the coldest June day since 1916 in Brisbane, (last Thursday),I am so pleased that I was around to share in this piece of history!!!!
    Like you I have gone beserk with the pea and ham soup - by September I will be pea and hammed out!
    Today is Toowong day, Rack of Pork, is on the list. I'll think of your itinerant pigs, whilst cooking it - ha ha.

  8. I know the feeling about the pigs - mine (before taking up residence in the freezer) seemed to play in my garden with glee. I am fairly certain he was only doing it so I would chase him with the broom (attention seeker!)

    and yes, that rainy saturday was followed a most freezing saturday. And I dunno about winter being short - I think this year will be a doozie. So much so that I am currently finding out about wood fired heaters (aka modern sort of pot belly), what with electricity prices going UP and the kids managing to break TWO heaters thus far!

    speaking of mission beach, have booked in for next school holidays. Will meet coke there! ;-)

    this whole post made me laugh....sitting here in my pj's still at smoko time as it feels far too cold to get changed!

  9. Can't wait until Saturday to see if my slashing problems are finally over!

  10. Having problem posting as well, love the photo's esp the dogs on the ute, yeah that was me on Sarah birthday post Rina

  11. You HAVE had a busy week. I've barely had time to scratch myself - I don't know how you find the time to take photos of it all!!! You have far more presence of mind than I do obviously!



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