Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bad Habits

Thanks to TV advertising and some dinner table discussion, the kids have fairly strong views on the habit of smoking.

Sunday, while we crossbranded cattle, this boy sidled up beside the branding furnace

after searching for suitably sized sticks,

lit one end and proceeded to puff away whilst glancing at his shadow.

While some might find this behaviour a little worrying, I'm not losing sleep.

I well remember as a child the greatest treat of all time was a packet of lolly 'fags'.  A hard white candy stick with red coloured tip, looking to all the world like a cigarette.  This lolly sucking childhood habit hasn't contributed to any long term detrimental habits, other than a sweet tooth possibly.

Naturally, political correctness saw the cessation of production of such harmful sweets.  A generation of children forced into smoking by these early recollections of enjoying cigarette sweets?  I'm hopeful Wallace will realise that smoking sticks and smoking cigarettes are mostly unrelated.


  1. hilarious! watching kids, you wonder just what goes through their heads!

    #2 here has just been shown how to plait, and has been so busy practising on dolls here - literally the minute she got out of bed. I remember having the same love of plaiting - miles of baling twine...

    and I remember those lollies...we did the same thing with musk sticks!

  2. Did you know you can still buy those cigarette lollies. Lol

  3. I think they're now called 'fads' and don't have the red tip....

    I remember when I was about 7 I picked up one of my dad's still smoking butts and decided to have a go myself. Right then and there I decided smoking was disgusting and definitely not for me!

  4. I reckon he will be OK.

    I can remember thos lollies, they had a powdery but slightly chewy texture and a very sweet flavour. We also had bigger brown ones called cigars! Didn't make me smoke. My brother and I did nick some of my granddads cigarette papers as kids and try and smoke lawn clippings. Not a pleasant experience!

  5. My big boys used to do the same thing but as mid and late teens now think it's a disgusting thing to do.

  6. Candy cigarettes, ate a lot of them. I smoked when I first got out of high school, then got a job and had to pay for my own, smoking ended pretty quick.

  7. Well Wallace does have an uncanny look about him - the NEW Marlboro man???
    The comments remind me of college days - I was one of the rare ones who didn't smoke on the sly - I couldn't stand the smell of them -so my desk was where the wicked ones hid their packs! I would open up the desk of a morning and find staring at me - Camels, Ascots, Black and Whites, Rothmans, Kents etc. My desk was never searched, one of the mysteries of "Joeys". It would certainly have been very difficult to explain to the Brother Director that I was not the shopkeeper for these "wicked" things.
    As for the lolly cigarette look-a-likes, in the final weeks of college, I had one of them and pretended to light it up in the dormitory in front of the dormitory master, the poor bugger had a fit, thankfully as it was near the end of college days, the Brother, had a sense of humour!
    Ah well we are only young once and can learn from experiences! So Wallace, don't even pretend, it might be catching. I now still smoke!
    Colin, the naughty one.

  8. I'm sure Wallace will be fine when he's older. I remember doing exactly the same and never once wanting to take up smoking as an adult. When my son was younger he did the exact same thing with no prompting form me and now at the age of 14 wouldn't even consider smoking as he thinks it's a disgusting habit. Long may that continue.
    Cute photos though.

  9. We had them too! Popeye candy cigarettes I think they were called here. Now they're just called candy sticks. Kind of dumb if you ask me.

  10. love, love, love, love those pics and the memories made!!!



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