Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gloves On

As my four gringoes and I rode onto a mob of breeders this morning, my boy was heard to say:

"I've got a horse ...
and I'm not afraid to use it".

I've been chuckling all day, thinking of him.  The same boy, who just yesterday, as we rode out to a further paddock, couldn't get his old mare to even move, and had to swap steeds with his sister, who promptly kicked Jill into a trot and never looked back.  The same boy, who blew up this preg-testing glove and proceeded to irritate his sisters all afternoon crush-side.

The humble preg-testing glove, a lifesaver for bored, tired, dirty children who've had enough of sitting patiently by the vet crush.  From an early age, my kids have enjoyed as many happy moments with preg-testing glove in hand, as they've had with play-dough, slinkies and yo-yos.

As Jess worked the crush, jigger in hand

 Sarah handled the bookwork

and Sal, with high temperature, slept in the ute.

This bounty of scalps tails, the telltale sign of cows who've not upheld their end of the bargain.  To breed.
The 'empty' cows are bang-tailed, their tail cut to make identification of them easier next time through the yards.

This full-tailed beauty obviously fulfilling her obligation, unlike

her tardy sister, who had other pursuits in mind.

Catch her soon at a McDonalds near you.


  1. :-)
    great post! I have the job of Jessie AND Sarah waiting for me on Wednesday (kids at school sadly so child labour cannot be enforced!)

    We bangtail the other way around - everything in calf is bangtailed, everything empty gets a half bang, so we know that she has been through the yards and vaccinated (done at the same time)After that process, any long tails we come across we know have been missed.

    And aren't boys just hilarious? Does yours have the same problem with(not)sitting on the couch? mine does this body slam on the couch each and every time, and cannot NOT do an action man type roll over the arm or the back, depsite my continued requests to cease and desist!

  2. I'll give them a miss at Big Mac's!
    Not even your "ill productive cows" would entice me to that place.
    No second chance for the cow? Maybe something when astray with the first "shot"?
    I shall have to discuss this with Steve, the cheeky butcher at Toowong, on Tuesday. Might have to even invite him to join me for a refreshment at the R.E.! Much too delicate a subject to discuss across the counter!!!
    I'll forward you the drinking account!!! ha ha.
    Colin (HB)

  3. This brings back memories! My Dad was a vet and we amused ourselves many a time with preg testing gloves!! You really do make life on a farm seem all the more glamourous with your beautiful photos - even if it is photos of things that are certainly not glamourous at all!

  4. Your blog continues to be fascinating to me. I know nothing of these kinds of activities. Won't be in McDonald's to sample though.. Loved the photos again - isn't it good what kids find to amuse themselves with!

  5. Hi Fiona, Great post and photos....
    Looks like all are happy with the new place, I know how it was when we moved to this place, new fences, hauling off the former owners junk, long long hours and weekends.......the gloves made me think of our kids at that age, they could entertain them selfs with the smallest of items and loved to be at the local creek. Have a great week

  6. Ahh, yes, the preg-testing gloves, my dear boys love those as well. Cheap toys.
    Loved this post!!

  7. I just love how farm and ranch kids really do get a well-rounded experience in life. No just sitting around playing computer games all day!

    Great Post!

  8. I had no idea McDonald's used real cows in their beef burgers. I thought they would have found a cheaper alternative to the real thing??
    That must frustrate them no end!

  9. Nothing wrong with a glove.

    These photos are gorgeous...



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