Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Of Bottle Trees and Creeks

This past weekend was spent at Bottle Tree Creek.

As so many already have, and undoubtedly many more will be.

Up early Saturday morning, feeding animals, and children, packing bags, eskies, cars, trucks.  Driving for two hours in a south-westerly direction.  Working for two days, driving home.  It makes me tired.

We didn't get everything finished we'd hoped to, so we left the kids at school early Monday morning and returned.  A frantic effort ensued to be back at school by 3.  Undesirable, but do-able.  My new work mantra. 

The kids have been intent on exploring Bottle Tree Creek since we took over.  The creek itself.  Sunday afternoon, having helped Dad load bulls onto the truck and waving him and Wallace off, we had a little detour, giving the menfolk a headstart in the slow old truck.

We skimmed a few rocks, smelled some tea-tree flowers,

talked about Dad and Wallace,

lamented the fact that we had to drive over two hours home,

complained about the fact that tomorrow was a school day,

wished it wasn't Sunday,

wished Monday was a public holiday, everybody volunteering to come back with us to preg-test the group of cows who were left waiting in the yards,

but most of all wished Fred the Wonderdog hadn't had a swim, filling the car with old wet dog scent all the way home.


  1. gorgeous shots (love the sunset on the header! winter does bring lovely sunsets!) and I feel your pain. Having to contemplate myself the husband's plans for my time between 8:30 am and 2:30pm for a couple of days next week. Luckily I only have to factor in a 20 minute drive this time not the normal 1 hour 20 (on a good day with no boys in blue on the road! ;-)

    hope the weather is being kinder down there; more than wee bit fresh of a morning here! will make dressing up for the local show this weekend quite an adventure!

  2. But that smell means they have had such fun.
    Our Henry loves a good swim-around and round in circles.

  3. Great shots! I'm glad to hear that dogs all over the world are famous for that stunt ;)

  4. Hi Fiona
    The cattle photos - are they, Santa Gertrudis? Or are they cross-bred with droughtmasters? Nevertheless, they are in great nick.
    Certainly the countryside looks great, hope you don't export "LIVE" to Indonesia? God, those films shown on ABC TV were just horrendous.
    Colin (HB)

  5. Gosh, you work so hard! But the kids look so healthy on it - and the dog too!

  6. Why thell don;t this blog work?

  7. Well blow me down, success at last. Now you just have to guess who.

  8. Love the picture of the fencing, really do!



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