Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Puttin' on the Ritz

Every year at this time, a group of ladies from my area swap their blundstones for heels, their work gloves for diamond rings, and their dusty Akubras for fascinators.  With husbands and children left waving in the dust, we head to town for a day of trackside celebration.  Our table of ten included our two beloved school teachers, the balance local Mums not often given an opportunity for a day away.

With my Nanna hat pulled down tight and my singlet on (thanks Mum), we enjoyed a beautiful Winter Racing Carnival Girls' Day out.

Just a shame it happens but once a year.


  1. Gorgeous. Nothing like a lovely ladies day out. You look fantastic Fiona.

  2. looks like heaps of fun. (rina)

  3. I reckon you just might have needed that singlet (champers can't keep a girl entirely warm!)

    and nothing too nanna about that hat! very glam!

    so, any pics of table top dancing? ;-)
    seriously, its so rare to get a day out sans kids and husbands, hope you had a blast.

  4. WOW! You looked just beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time!


  5. Where to next Fiona?

    Flemington for Oaks Day? I think you ladies up there would give the "hoi poi" of Toorak etc. a good run for their money in the Fashions of the Field stakes!!!
    Good to see you having a great time. Hope you backed a winner???


  6. Fiona, it sounds like a great day out! Singlets and a sensible change of shoes are always needed out at Flemington, even in the spring ... your top looks lovely!

  7. Gorgeous photos on your lovely blog.

  8. Such fun, you look gorgeous. And thanks for reminding me I need to take work gloves....I'm just setting off to my daughter's to help them move to a new apartment!

  9. Wow sure is a nice hat, and a nice change to get out with the ladies, even if it is only once a year.

    Crystal (ranchriding)

  10. Sounds like a great time. Dressing up is fun when you have something like that to go to.

  11. How wonderful and you look stunning - definitely not a nanna hat!



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