Monday, 27 June 2011

A Quick Weekend Wrap

So as not to allow the children any false hopes about holiday fun, frivolity or sleep-ins, we had them out of bed in the dark Saturday morning ready for a trip to Bottle Tree.  With the crate to be put on the truck, horses to run and many hungry mouths to be fed, it still took close to half the day to get there.

Sal's little horse Wahoo came off the truck kicking at his belly and wanting to lie down.  Never a good sign.  Still, with work to be done we set about the business of ticking off the job list, returning to the yards later in the day to find him down and in considerable pain.  Dad had the kids start walking him laps of the paddock, the most helpful remedy for colic, while we started ringing veterinary associates in the hope of procuring a shot of Flunixil, a relaxant often helpful in such cases.  Finally tracking some down a couple of hours closer than the long drive home, the kids and I continued to walk Wahoo well into the cold, dark night waiting for the return of drug-running Dad.  By the time of his return, Wahoo had improved considerably and after a shot in the backside, we left him for the night confident all would be well.

And so it was.  With Wahoo back in the mustering team come Sunday, we hit a paddock of cows best described as rude, used to running from one end of the paddock to the other, chased with motorbikes, and no ability to be held and walked.  With four eager, excited cowboy kids, a boss with a plan, and a Mum with a preference for latte-sipping and macaroon-tasting, we attacked. 

Round One went to the bovines.  With cows splitting into fourteen groups, Dad and his dogs doing the work of four men, Mum yelling at kids not to go out of a trot, with the paddock strewn with fallen timber, we managed to gather them on a fence and hold them, while Dad kept bringing extras into the mob.  Sal declared these the worst cows she'd mustered in her life (she is six after all), and wondering why we hadn't brought more dogs.  We managed to walk them in a most orderly fashion to the yards and set about preg-testing and cross-branding.

Wallace, looking decidly foreman-like, wearing the knife belt I made over twenty years ago, spent most of the day looking handsome.

Sarah handled the bookwork, trained dogs and groomed horses.

Jess found herself

in a tight spot.

We've left the horses up there and will return during the holidays for another lap.  Meanwhile there's lucerne to be planted, weaners to be worked and a house to be cleaned.  We love holidays.  More workers.


  1. Never a dull moment, what a great crew of helpers you got lol Rina

  2. So different to my sport sport and dancing...but still the same result...MESSY HOUSE!!!

  3. Colic!!!! Not good to hear. I was told and I have NEVER checked that it can be contagious.
    Is that correct?
    Seems that the horse recovered after the "shot". That is good news, but do you have to follow up with more "shots"?
    See my e-mail before I looked at the few blogs I have in my favourites group.
    Wallace as shown would be an excellent instructor to those mentioned and make sure he has that belt on!
    Interesting blog as always, Fiona. Congratulations.
    Colin (HB)

  4. We had a customer's horse here that was regularly going down with colic (usually just when I was heading up for tea).
    I used to give him a wormer then lope him on the longe until he burped or passed wind which didn't take that long and then he was right.
    Sounds like a good weekend though - I told you Sally was foreman material.

  5. colic: strikes fear in many a horse owners heart...had an old pony that ended up with "water colic" from eating too much special "horse lick" (he was a guts!) we ended up giving him a shot of some relaxant stuff as well, and it worked as well.

    My offsiders bailed today after a day in the yards yesterday...they booked themselves into granmas for a sleepover. Can't say that I blame them, I'd much rather be latte sipping and macaroon tasting myself too!

    glad you managed to get around those rude cows, I had a couple of encounters in the yards with a couple myself and caught myself wishing for a nasty blue dog...

    have you any experience with guinea pigs that have been "set free"? I am wondering how far a roaming adventuring guinea pig might travel....

  6. i love it! you all really do have the best hats over there!

  7. By the way there are plenty of saddle blankets down here that would save the kids from using their Pony Club ones for work.

  8. It is lovely to find you and your beautiful blog..I have found lots to interest me..and am following you now. Please feel welcome at my blog too!



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