Thursday, 23 June 2011

This boy of mine...

is learning to drive.

Amidst cries of "not fair", "how come we had to be ten", "how come you always change the rules for Wallace" from the two big girls, he's slowing putting it together.

And as I've tried to explain to the girls, it has naught to do with age, it's all about leg length.

Still, the seat needs be in fully forward position, pillow firmly wedged behind, and even then he still often peers through the steering wheel rather than over it.

Gear changes are proving somewhat problematic, with the whole clutch depression, accelator release and stick change a little overwhelming.

Not helped by the chorus of expert sisters in the backseat, all eager to offer advice.

And with holidays just days away

I've no doubt I'm going to have plenty of offers of chauffering around the place over the next two weeks.

Home James.


  1. This is how I learnt to drive, and on a tractor too! Love it...

  2. Oh my goodness. He looks so little behind that wheel. What a practical skill to teach a child on a farm. I'm always so completely impressed by the maturity and independence of your brood.

  3. It's all in how you hold your tongue!

  4. The city Mum in me will just say this is sooooooo different to life in the suburbs :)

  5. Ahh - Wallace, your first driving attempt?
    Memories circa 1950's, aged 8-ish, Boomi.
    Came to a gate on the property, father asks me to open it, gate stuck firm, father not amused, father out of the "ute", struggles with subborn gate, manages to open, tells me to drive "ute" through. My first go at the wheel! Wow. My first driving lesson! I managed to take out the gate, the problem post and a heap of fencing and almost my father. Result: the end of my early driving career.
    You have done very well, Wallace.
    Advice: Be careful when you come to a gate - ha ha.
    Colin (HB)

  6. go Wallace. The big girl is very proud that she can ride the four wheeler "alone" (in manual and with no knowledge of how to get out of first gear! mum is no dummy!)and gets sent on errands from yard to the camp and vice versa. Not sure if either parent is ready to take on the driving lessons yet, perhaps we shall wait for the 9th birthday to come around (just quietly, I was 8 - but an advanced child of course! ;-)

  7. I think he will be brilliant at driving. Love the look of concentration on his face.

  8. My girls haven't learned to drive yet and they're 10, but having a boy the oldest kind of ruined their "need" to drive. My 13 y.o. now drives the ute, truck & utility tractor to help out and has purportedly driven one of the cars too. He used to drive the quad through gates (that I would open) when he was 2 and used to find it hilarious to make me run after him. Hmmmm. Guess I should start the girls off, they're getting behind as they only ride motorbikes and quads!

  9. Oh those pesky backseat drivers .... they are the same everywhere!

  10. Love the tongue sticking out... a sure sign of close attention! Brings back memories... gxo



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