Friday, 17 June 2011

Sarah Marie

This brown-eyed beauty

celebrated her twelfth birthday yesterday.

Twelve-teen as Sally likes to say.

We made a long day of it. A slight technical electronic hitch resulted in our bedside alarm clock showing an hour earlier than it really was.  Which meant Matthew headed west at 3 instead of 4 and the kids and I got up at 5 rather than 6.  A quick glance at the kitchen clock as I poured my morning coffee, made me shake my head in wonder. 

We're really quite bright, we country folk.

It did mean we were able to take in the lunar eclipse and start birthday celebrations ahead of schedule.

Already fearful that my obsession with all things food was filtering through the generations, Sarah's order of pancakes for breakfast and a three course meal for dinner left me even more anxious.  An entree of chicken noodle soup, followed by southern fried chicken, wedges and caesar salad, completed with a layered chocolate cherry dessert for dinner kept Mum firmly grounded in the kitchen all afternoon.

This monstrosity kept wanting to slide all over the stand.  Finally I speared a skewer through the middle to keep it still.  Ingenious.

My cake-icing skills not about to win me any prizes

with cherries, chocolate and crumbs all combining for a rather dishevelled rustic finish.

Don't count the candles ... we were two short.  I think.

And this necklace one of the highlights of the gifts on offer.

In Year 2 at school, Sarah's class was asked to write a short biography, a means of providing an insight into their lives for the benefit of our new school principal.

This was Sarah's. 

I like how Dad's represented as a champion hay-maker and I'm obviously a baby-factory.

We still have that rotten wheeler too, I mean rotweiler.  Allah, I mean Ella.  And for anybody whose hanging on the edge of their seat, awaiting the birth of Ella's puppies, I'm afraid I don't think it's going to happen.  She appears to be no longer pregnant.  Quite disappointing, as I  felt certain they'd be great dogs for rounding up burglars.

And here she is, celebrating her very first birthday.  Sarah, not Allah Ella.

And now...

Still very much into hats.  In fact "hat" was the first word she ever spoke.
Thanks for twelve wonderful years beautiful girl.
And don't go leaving your hat outside again ... Ella will eat more than the front brim next time.
You're twelve years old, you should know better.


  1. Oh love it Fiona. One of my favourite posts :) That cake looks DELICIOUS! Such a pretty girl. How is the new lens going?? I've been meaning to ask. Photos (as usual) are stunning. x

  2. PS: Yet to try caramel slice. Hugo is pestering for it. It's on our 'holiday to do list' :)

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah. Cake looks wonderful, any left?

  4. Love it! Happy Birthday! What a great post, and that biography is classic :)

  5. You must so proud, Fiona, she is just beautiful.
    Happy Birthday Sarah.

  6. Happy 12th birthday! What a gorgeous girl.

    Your posts invariably make me cry - often for different reasons, but this one because it's so full of pride and love. Just beautiful

    Gawd! I'm bawling my eyes out here!

  7. Sounds like a perfect birthday :) And I am so coming to your house for my birthday ...that cake looks deeeeeeelicious!!!!!!

  8. what a lovely post - happy twevleteenth birthday Sarah!

    and I don't care about your cake icing skilz (excuse me, just look at my blog and search for birthdays and you will see how bad things can get!) its the putting together that counts and that cake looks MIGHT fine. (good choice of menu Sarah!)

    perhaps Wallace can clean Ellah's cage again at an opportune time! ;-) I would really like to see rot-wheeler /collie pups! might be a new super breed!

  9. Happy Birthday Sarah. She is a beautiful young lady and I hope she had a wonderful day.
    Your icing skills are way ahead of mine and rustic is definitely the way to go :0)

  10. Happy birthday Sarah Marie. Twelve-teen, definitely. Another June girl - it's mine on the 19th. A big cheer for mum's cake-baking and kitchen triumphs too. Sounds like you all had a fun day, even if it did start earlier than planned!

  11. Happy birthday Sally! I tried to make a black forest cake recently, which is somewhat akin to your layered cake here, and it looked great. Until I stopped looking at it for an hour and it found a rather alarming slant to sit on. *sigh* I'll never make it in the CWA cookery competition at this rate LOL

  12. Hope you had a great day Sarah. You really are a brown eyed beauty.

  13. May I just have a Martha moment and help you out with that cake. When icing a crumby cake, you're supposed to put a layer of icing on it (called the crumb layer), then put it in the freezer for an hour, then put the proper icing on it, which will magically be crumb free.
    Happy birthday Sarah! Next stop, teen-land!!

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  15. Happy birthday Sarah.

    And what is it about 12 years olds leaving stuff, like hats...or flip flops, out where the dog can eat them?

  16. Happy belated birthday Sarah!

    And that cake Fiona... that cake! When I was a child, every year for as long as I can remember I requested a black forest cake with cherries and cream... yours brings back such memories... I would kill for a piece! gxo



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