Friday, 3 June 2011

When life hands you tomatoes...

make ...




  1. My goodness that's a lot of tomatoes! And I bet your sauce is delicious, Fiona. Love the reuse of the cordial bottles... gxo

  2. Oh my, that is a ton of tomatoes :)
    Love homemade tomatoe sauce.


  3. Life certainly did hand you tomatoes! Did you grow them all?
    When I was growing up my Mum always made tomato sauce and stupidly I didn't like it and always got excited when I went somewhere where they had "bought sauce" (as we called it). Now I absolutely love it and Mum no longer makes it as the tomatoes are not good for her arthritis apparently.... :( I'll have to learn myself!

  4. yum yum
    myself, I make tomato relish, which actually looks very similar to your sauce! whatever, its more than just a little bit yummy on a corned beef sandwhich (silverside thank you, not a fan of the fatty brisket like the husband!)

  5. You don't think we export those tomatoes live to Indonesia do you?

    Yours look like happy tomatoes.

  6. I picked a staggering 6 kilos of tomatoes yesterday morning, all growing wild on the downhill side of one of the pig paddocks. Obviously super fertiliser!
    Used half for the sauce, will use the other half for relish Sharon.
    The kids don't seem to like the colour FG&B, but agreed it tasted like the 'bought stuff'. I explained if I could get my hands on some E124, or is it 128 or 736 I could make it just like the 'real stuff'!
    No live exports here Horsey!
    No siree, and I'm not opening that can of worms on this blog!

  7. Six kilos! How long did they take to pick? I like the photo of them all in the pot; looks delicious. Have a good weekend.

  8. It's me again. You could get sick of this.

  9. Fiona

    I am surprised that the pigs haven't eaten the tomatoes, or are they growing outside the pig area and just depending on - "well you know what" - to fertilise.
    Funny the comment above this? Strange!!!!
    You certainly appear to be a bloody good cook!
    Your culinary brilliance reminds me of my two grandmothers, they were marvels in that department.

  10. It must be tons healthier than the bought stuff. Worth the effort and good to get something 'free' too.

  11. Firstly I'm not that Anonymous!!!As above

    Love the tomatoes, they look awesome & yummy. Receipe please!!!!




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