Thursday, 23 June 2011

Yeah ... Macaroona!

An afternoon tea hosted at school yesterday afternoon to farewell one of our lovely teachers provided the perfect opportunity for a flurry of Nigella-like activity in this kitchen.  Minus the pink cardi, the peaches and cream complexion and the long flowing skirt.

Wanting to try my hand at baking macaroons, macarons, macaroons for quite some time, a ladies' afternoon tea seemed the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately I was unable to achieve the little frilly edge or 'ruffled base', characteristic of perfectly formed macaroons.  I'm yet to work out why.

But still ... the chewy, soft, yet crunchy outer meringue, rounded out by the creamy ganache filling sandwiching it all together was enough to make this jeans-clad, slipper-wearing mama feel decidedly Nigella-like, if only fleetingly.

Now, if you could just excuse me while I go unpick the waistbands on all my jeans.


  1. They look a lot more Nigella-like than my last attempt at making macaroons/macarons/macawhatevers.

    You are a true domestic goddess. I stand in awe.

  2. I stand here in my own fluffy slippers (with socks, I blew a hole in one which is duct taped up, and socks are required to block the little breeze! classy hey!) in awe as well. Who cares if they don't have a little frilly edge (didn't know they had to have one? these look like they've come straight from the pages of The Womens Weekly!) Bet the mums and teachers were truly appreciative.

    Yours in elasticated waisted pants ;-)

  3. YUM...we made some last week too. But have to confess...we used a Donna Hay packet mix...delicious!!

  4. They look amazing! What flavours did you do? I think the 'ruffles' come from the mixture being not over or under mixed. Or maybe it was time they are left to sit? It's such a long and convoluted process - but yours look great!!

  5. Meg, one lot were chocolate and the other raspberry. And I quite possibly did overmix, as I tend to do. Turn the mixer on, then go mow the yard, hang a load of washing out, feed the pigs, you know how it goes! If I recall correctly, yours had the perfect ruffled base.
    I'm dying to make the green, pistachio ones and found a packet of pistachios in the far reaches of the pantry after I'd finished. Another day!

  6. You really make me feel inferior in the kitchen! They look scrumptious! I'm all for letting waistbands out :D



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