Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Bit of Everything

There's been a fair bit going on around here lately.

The lucerne with its cover crop of barley is busily pushing its way through, reaching skyward.

Busy, busy little legumes.
I'm working two days a week at school this term, filling in for one of our beloved teacher aides who is embarking on a round-Europe tour. Poor her.

We've just recovered from last Friday evening's CQ Carcase Comp (the very one at which we were victorious last year), of which we are organisers.

After a P & C meeting today, we are now full steam ahead planning for a bush dance/markets/Xmas in August (?)/ in a couple of short weeks.

The kids at school seem to think that now I'm there as teacher-aide it's open slather on sleep-overs at our house.  I sent last evening's little visitor to school this morning with a nasty gash under her eye.  I doubt she'll be back.

We head to town this weekend with heifers for a stud sale Monday. 

Thankfully the live export has re-opened and some confidence is returning to our industry.

We have two pigs and a heifer hanging in our cold room, and I'm about to start making snags.

A power outage today caused increased blood pressure.

Two dead pigs and a dead heifer hanging in a confined area require cold air, and thus electricity.

The power's on now.

All is well.


  1. ah, there's always an adventure down there at your place! (and what a good way to curtail the flood of extra children! beat em up! BRILLIANT IDEA!)

    So, how's the sock situation going, now that you are a "working mum" (hah!) twice a week? Bet those mornings are fun! :-)

    And yes' I've had the joy of a freezer full of freshly bagged beef and a loss of power supply...lucky that 1. it had been in overnight and 2. the loss was shortlived.

    our own full week here as well, culminating with a school Toure de Prairie on Friday, run by the P & C. Try as I might, I've not been able to shake the job as times. And great, moody photo of the girl at the top. love it.

  2. I look at all those tiny seedlings pushing their way through big clods of earth and wonder..farmer's seeds always seem to come up and in a suburban garden where the earth is fine and well handled sometimes they don't come up at all. You have the knack!

  3. The joys of life in the country ;) Power always goes out at such an inconvenient time.

  4. Glad you got the power back.
    Ahhh - I remember those days!

    I wish our soil looked as dry as yours does. Nothing is going to grow here for months - Bogged as ducks we are.


  5. ahhh- not that your soil looks dry - it's just that it's been a very long time since I've seen soil that crumbled rather than just ooozed. !!

  6. she is precious, love those pics! things are dry as a bone here!

  7. Missing your stories. Is everything alright in your neck of the woods? Mare.



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