Monday, 11 July 2011

What's Been Happening?

School Holidays... as I'm sure I've mentioned before, are my favourite time of the year.  And sadly coming to an end, with only today remaining to ready ourselves for another term.

Making us all feel a little melancholy.

So what have we been up to?

Along with

a little pig weaning and some

bovine weaning, there's been a trip to town for more school shoes (thankfully we've made it through half a year without the need for more lunch boxes, socks or backpacks), annual hair-trims,

another ear-piercing (one that didn't work last time), sleep-overs with Nanny;

Injun attacks,

and cowboy stand-offs

or run-offs;


pig butchering observation;

involving up, close and personal assistance;

more cowboy posing;


both horse-back;

and bike-back;

quality sister-bonding time;


drafting (with everybody vying for top spot in the crows-nest);

big sister winning the day,

spying in the distance a brother...

who'd discovered a helmet in the back of the shed.

And is now planning a great go-kart construction. 
Shame the holidays have come to an end.


  1. Hi Fiona,Oh the memories, great days.

  2. So much more interesting than our holiday...been too cold to do much outdoors :(

  3. I love your photos..they've crammed a lot into a couple of weeks holiday and had good fun by the look of it! I love the colour of that very blue sky..magnificent.

  4. 1. love your headers, they are always fantastic.
    2. heheh, the girl wearing her trimmed up hat on backwards. I take it new work hat purchases weren't done in town!
    3. there was a fair bit of goodies v baddies happening at as well when the cousins came to visit - apparently I was a baddie - when I went through the shed there were bodies diving for cover everywhere and heads popping out from behind various bits of machinery...ah, good times (and hilarious!)
    4. thank goodness that its not just my kids that think wearing their shortest shorts - with a jumper - on a freezing morning - is suitable attire!

  5. The holidays certainly don't sound boring in your neck of the woods...looks like complete fun.


  6. Healthy lifestyle for the upbringing of young children. Well done Fiona and the "better half".
    The kids here in Brisbane were utter monsters on the trains - noise, mobiles, filthy langauge - the list goes on. Would have loved to have been able to bungle up about 50 of them to send to you to get a real life.
    Hope you haven't fainted??????
    Must discuss this issue with Steve, the Toowong butcher, tomorrow!
    Not real sure if #13 photo is good horsemanship? A very long bridle that could be tangle problems?
    Great blog Fiona as always - congratulations.

  7. I remember the sadness of the last day of holidays before school started again. It's a quick run in now to the end of the year. Great photos, great subjects. Have a good week. M.

  8. It all looks fun. I wish more kids could experience that kind of freedom and responsibility too. Roots and wings is what we need to give them and clearly yours get both in good measure. Hope the return to school is pain-free.

  9. Wow that sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad its over.

    Crystal from Ranchriding



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