Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bulls, Boots, Bush Dances and Brisbane

When it comes to fashion
... I know a fair bit about cows.

For instance, I know this one's a bull.

I also know these babies

walked into my life very recently, and I wonder how I survived without them.
I also stumbled upon this beauty

draped rather unceremoniously across the back of one of Nanny's kitchen chairs, and had to have it.  Destined for a life as a fishing shirt, I immediately siezed it for my own.  Once belonging to my Grandma, I shall endeavour to give it a more fitting end to its life.
Teamed with this little embellishment

currently weaving its way across the Pacific, this little combo may even be sighted at next week's Ekka! 

We head to Brisbane next Wednesday, full team in tow, to witness Dad's judging job at the state's greatest show.

Before then, we must survive this weekend's Bush Dance, proudly hosted by our local P&C, including whip-cracking, dog-jumping, damper-cooking and a meal of corned beef and veg, cooked over the open fire. 

Swing your pardner, do si do, allamande left ....


  1. Oh, I LOVE it! How clever of you to see the potential. I'm hopeless like that. What a fun week ahead you have x

  2. those boots are hot! perfect for the do si do. have a great time at the Ekka. Having lived in Bris all my life, the Ekka novelty wore off a long time ago for me. safe travels. Jane x

  3. oh my, having SERIOUS boot envy...we must be on the same wavelength, I have spent the past month seeking the perfect boot (made more challenging by my my hearty well built country legs!) and that shirt? just gorgeous. Nanna's or not (well, isn't vintage in again?)with that necklace, what a perfect ensemble.

    geez, if that is what you know about fashion
    you must know an AWFUL lot about cows.

    will expect photos of all items worn by iheir owner, and of course the bush dance! sure to be a cracker.

  4. Greetings from the Pacific NW coast! Stumbled on your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the photos (Your family is absolutely lovely!)
    Looking forward to read more about your corner of the world! (Fabulous boots!)

  5. ohhh...sounds like fun! love the boots!!! makes sure to take lots of pictures for us i know you will. especially of the doe-si-do and dog jumping :)

  6. Nice, loving those boots! Bushbellesxoxo

  7. Loving the boots. Quite jealous actually.

  8. Please, please tell me where you got your boots from! Have been looking for ones like these for ages! Can't believe they have popped up on my favourite blog!

  9. I agree with the others - great boots. And that shirt is well-rescued - fishing shirt indeed! (What does she wear when she's dressed up?) Sounds like you've a busy fun time coming up - enjoy!

  10. Have fun at the Ekka; check out the poultry pavilion for me hey? We're just back from Meteor D, heading back up there in two weeks. Meg is heading to Salzburg, Drew is still fishing and hoping to sight his first bear. Hope the judging is uneventful.

  11. Hi Fiona
    All being well I shall see you with four children in tow on Thursday 11th to see the Brahman judging of John. If you have those boots on I will certainly not miss you.
    I guess I'll get there about 11.00am, I hope the other pavilions for the livestock are open?

  12. Chenoa, just letting you know the boots came from Mathers.

  13. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog which I came across by accident. Here am I sitting on the opposite side of Australia where its raining cats and dogs and blowing a gale.Rural women all over Oz all have so much in common and I feel connected. Can't wait for our next Oz Oddysey, especially the top end and Qld (where the 'real' people live!) What a delight to find you, your lovely family and photos....not bad bulls either! Chris from Walpole/Nornalup South Coast WA

  14. Thanks for letting us know where the boots came from. I am now also the proud owner of a pair that I had to search QLD for my size. There were only 2 size 71/2's left. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. You are your family are inspiring!



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