Sunday, 7 August 2011

Corned Beef, Craft & Cooking

Not always having easy access to entertainment options, we bushies know a thing or two about making our own fun.  After weather played a large part in cancelling local events earlier in the year, the P&C took it upon themselves to host a bush bash, providing a venue for the community to come together.

While corned beef boiled over an open fire, guests browsed the stalls of home-baking and crafts.

A myriad of sugar-laden goodies were on offer.

Caramel Popcorn,

an assortment of jams, relishes and chutneys.

Other treats, not home-baked.
And so with children energy-enriched, we had them sack-racing, three-legged racing and tug-of-warring.

As the dogs who'd been hauled to town for the dog-jumping hit the end of their chains in fear, the kids lined up for a whip-cracking competition vying for the title of loudest cracker or most stylish cracker!

Matthew, as compere of the day, wasn't quite brave enough to let this little fellow crack a feather out of his mouth, instead throwing it in the air and fleeing the scene.

Seven dogs vied for high-jumping championship, with our border collies having trouble matching the ability of the gigantic pig dog who will be heavily handicapped next outing.

Lola, daughter of Fred the Wonderdog ran a very respectable second.

Ruby couldn't match them.  More training to come.

With our show being cancelled in April, the students' show work was judged and displayed.

Prize monies were hastily re-invested in lollies.

In line with our bush theme and meal of corned beef, vegetables and white sauce, a damper cooking competition provided not only entertainment, but also an accompaniment to the meal.

Matthew, aka Manu provided much instruction with his best French accent.

Cooked over coals, they were remarkably successful and all used as part of dinner.  In Junior MasterChef fashion the kids also had a turn.

By nightfall all that remained was to dance.  Exhausted children rallied to perform some bush dances rehearsed at school.

This area was transformed into a crowded dance floor until the wee hours of this morning.

Having only just returned from clean-up duties, we now look forward to our next adventure ... Brisbane here we come.


  1. Oh I love this. I had always thought when I finished my teacher training at Uni I would head to the country to teach for this exact reason. I never got there sadly. I would have loved being part of a community like yours xxx

  2. L.O.V.I.N.G every single bit of this wonderful post and thank you for sharing it Fiona.

    Good luck for all that the following week holds in store,

    xx Felicity

  3. See you at the Brahman judging arena at 11.00am on Thursday. Looks like for years that those horrible southern winds are not going to make life unbearable at the EKKA!!!
    I hope the gate people have maps of where to go?????

  4. What a great community event. Looks like great fun for all! I would have had trouble not buying every one of the home made goodies!

  5. What's that thing growing on the end of Big Matt's left arm? Looks like its been there a fair while.

  6. Hey Fiona, for some reason blogger won't let me comment on your blog on my account so I've gone anon. I've missed catching up with you so much.
    Love love love the photos. Your new outfit is Divine. Love the boots, the shirt, the necklace=gorgeous, Love Niki

  7. what fun, seriously...i wish all town and communities could be like that. i love the fabric on the homemade jams and jellies and every single picture.

  8. Loved reading this post. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Bushbellesxo

  9. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Your pictures are have a great eye!



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