Tuesday, 30 August 2011

FOOD for Thought

In 2012 Australians will celebrate the Year of the Farmer, a profession rather close to my heart.
And while most of the beef, grain, sugar, milk, honey, pork or egg producers I know would rather be left to go about their daily business without the scrutiny of anybody else, I would ask that every one of you who comes by my blog today, please take five minutes to watch this video. 

It's astounding to think that the world population has doubled in my lifetime and in the next forty years will increase by another 50 percent.  Astonishing to consider how we will feed this population, particularly as the space they will need to occupy will further impinge onto the very farming land needed to grow the food that will feed them.

A special shout out to Bushbelles where I first stumbled upon this video.  She does an amazing job of broadcasting rural events, showcasing rural talent, achievers, personalities and promoting rural lifestyle.


  1. Fantastic Fiona! Have reposted on my facebook wall + Noosa Farmers Market :)

  2. Agree with Cassie - FANTASTIC Fiona.
    Hope the message gets plenty of publicity.
    Will send your blog to others to see.
    Well done.

  3. I love this clip, farmers are very special people indeed, it's a pity more people (especially those in Government) don't realise it.

  4. Hi Fiona,

    I love reading your blog and following your exciting life on the land. Makes me want to pack my bags, kids and husband up and head for the countryside on a regular basis.

    I have a question for you though and hope that you can help a friend of mine with a dilemma. She lives in Brisbane and has a beautiful, friendly two year old Maremma dog that she needs to find a home for. Due to work commitments that require her to live on site at a city hotel, she can no longer have her darling Star live with her and her son so she is looking for someone to give her beloved dog a new home. He really is a lovely dog and I say that as a fellow Maremma owner but without the space (as we live in suburban Brisbane) to take him in to our family.
    The reason that I am speaking to you, apart from you having potential contact with people who might be interested, is that you mentioned Maremmas in a recent blog entry and also have understanding of their usefulness in the farming environment looking after stock. So, on behalf of my friend desperate to find a worthy home for her man, please can you help Star?


  5. Fiona, had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Have only discovered you and have been reading in between farm chores when I get a chance!! How proud I am of the upbringing of your children. If only every parent could take a leaf out of your book the world would be a better place.. I just love your country, your stories and your sense of humor (mind you it helps in the country doesn't it!!!)

  6. Love that clip.

    Am v excited about the Year of The Farmer.

    Am planning a country blog link post soon. Will let you know when and also link you up !

  7. Thanks for the shout out Fiona, I will watch the clip again too. Its very good. Bushbelles

  8. Well done farmers you do a great job but the retailers give me the pip.

  9. I have shared this on my Facebook page, it is a great clip!

  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback. It's probably a case of preaching to the converted with many of you though.
    Natasha, I honestly don't think I know anybody with Maremma dogs, did know somebody many years ago who very successfully used one with goats. I will keep thinking though, and will be in touch if I hear of anything.

  11. Re; feeding the burgeoning population into the future, it's even more reason to protect our land from mining and foreign ownership. As the native north American indians like to say, 'you can't eat money'.

  12. A great clip. Makes me wonder how the world will cope with that many mouths to feed and that little land to feed them from. I think I might just go and plant some more beans......and maybe a few more tomatoes!

  13. Thank you, Fiona and Bushbelles for sharing that clip. Farmers deserve support and appreciation - I wonder if many people outside the industry recognise the various difficult roles they have to juggle as outlined in this presentation?

  14. brilliant clever clip, it should be shown to the older kids in school and highschool!

    as for the marema dog problem, suggest contacting a breeder, they might have some contacts for those in the sheep areas (there are some in use up here and around longreach, but they do need to be trained and possibly a fully domesticated one may not suit)

  15. Preview

    Anonymous said...At one point in my life I did just what you did...and burned up the straw stack the hay stack the corrals....since we live in the country it took ages for the fire trucks to come, but they were able to save the barn. I never started another fire again like that. Today I make Terry be right with me and we have tons of water on hand.




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