Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Smell the Gumleaves

We're home now.

And quite possibly we left a little spirit of the bush in the Brisbane CBD.
The knowing smiles and nods from the locals as we nervously negotiated trains, traffic and hordes of suits heading for their cubicles made me grateful we wore our hats.  They served as a warning to all who crossed our path ... Beware, we don't know where we're going, we walk slowly, our children are loud and inquisitive, we don't know where we're going, our children are loud.

This was a shopping day, we girls left the hats behind.

Our first train adventure from City Central to the Ekka resulted in a very efficient trainsperson over the loud speaker advising any persons travelling to the Ekka to please depart this train at the next stop and catch the "Ekka" to the Exhibition.  Thank you Sir, we believe you're talking to us.  Lucky we wore the hats.
We've had a wonderful time.  Museum (unfortunately experiencing much refurbishment).  Science Centre (amazing). 

Norman Hotel (Brisbane's worst vegetarian restaurant) ... highly recommended to anybody either visiting or residing in the area.

And of course, there was shopping.  Joined by our beloved bargain-hunting Aunty Kirsty.

We walked more miles than we care to recall.



And then we went to Australia Zoo as we started the northern trek,
because we didn't feel we'd walked quite enough.

Beautiful birdlife.



After a night with Grandi and Old Nev, we returned home knowing there'd been a few issues in our absence.  Breeders had knocked a gate down to be in with sale bulls.  Other sale bulls, feeling left out had crashed their way through to join in the action.  Undoubtedly a dust cloud could have been sighted over Rock Wallaby from Mars.

And now we're ready for work,
next holiday 2019.


  1. I always loved spotting the country crowd heading to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and yes now I am among them. Beautiful pics and looks like a great time was had. Bushbelles xo

  2. Nice travelogue, Fiona. We cal it "country come to town," and I'm proud to be a part of it. After stints in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, I'm delighted to be back in the country. You have the best of it; believe it! Jim

  3. Welcome back ;) Loving the look of the blog and as always, your clever words and gorgeous images. xxx

  4. love the pics, and I can feel the kids pain through them. Pounding the pavement can be exhausting.

    And I often feel our car (4WD wagon) screams BUSHIE when we go to the coast: is it the dust? the leaves and grass stuck in odd places from the husband taking my car where only a bike or ute should go? or perhaps the erratic driving is the give-away!!

    (which reminds me, years ago we once dropped my dad off at a busy intersection; he then proceeded - instead of crossing the street normally - to march down the median strip in the middle of peak hour traffic, with briefcase under arm and clad in elastic sided boots and longhorn jeans)

    So: how did the boots and shirt go?

    and hope the sale bulls have not lost too much condition in the excitement of getting amongst the girls! ;-)

  5. I just loved the Australian Zoo when I was there eleven years ago!! Loved the Norman Hotel sign!!! Looks like the children had a blast!!!

  6. i keep tellin' ya those hats are pretty special! :)

  7. I hope the footpath on Turbot Street where one of your children was shown walking, just prior to the Brisbane Sofitel has been fixed?
    It has been a "bee in my so-called bonnet" since 2007. No one wants to fix it. It wobbles! It gets worse close to the Sofitel.
    Main roads, QR ( below) and the BCC say it is the responsiblity of the Sofitel!!!!!
    Anyhow the main thing, besides, a footpath that wobbles, is that you had a great time at the EKKA. ( Oh yes, and also obviously the shopping!)
    Yep, they are great steaks at the Norman Hotel. I must make another visit.

  8. Hi, just heading back to Rocky from Mb; did we go past your place or are you on the other side of town?

  9. Glad you made it home safe and sound.
    I have a great picture of Kirsty and the Blogettes to go on the mantle.

  10. Hi, we left D yesterday at noon, G talked at a feedlot nutrition forum then we drove thru, stayed Rocky last night. Haven't seen G's sister for couple of years-and she was staying at the same motel. Picked up COO from airport this am then went to look at Brahmans just outside Mb; you can probably work out where. I looked for your gateway but 'twas in vain-we turned off before your place. Just left Duaringa, heading for Meteor again but will probably stay at the other Company feedlot tonight.

    We were at the Poultry Pavilion on Sunday am too! A last minute decision saw us dash from family 60th celebration weekend for a quick look.

    Enjoyed reading about your trip to the big smoke.

  11. You take the most beautiful pictures of your kids. I love the one of your daughter pensively looking at the display. Don't like snakes though.

  12. Looks like you all made the most of your time away, glad you got home safely too. Sorry to hear about the antics when your back was turned! But maybe it would have happened anyway, even if you'd been at home?

  13. WOW..thats a big day!!! My kids loved the science museum :)



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