Sunday, 21 August 2011

All Style

As much as one tries to purvey a sense of effortless style, my attempts are thwarted at every turn by those with whom I must share this abode.

They do things like this to my hair while I try to relax:

and then further assault my senses with signage such as this appearing on the toilet door:

In totally unrelated news, I yesterday successfully implemented my first 'Click & Collect' grocery purchase, meaning I may never actually step foot inside a grocery store again, a revelation bringing me much cheer.   My huge order was placed online and then collected from the store, (a convenience only available in our regional town in recent weeks) where the lovely young lass even helped place said groceries in my vehicle.  Bliss.

Unfortunately this quick trip to town resulted in some expensive damage to my car with a rock flicked from a truck onto the roof of my wagon, smashing the sunroof into three million segments.  Why there is a sunroof in our four wheel drive wagon is beyond my reasoning also, but as Sally explained to somebody at school pickup Friday, "it'd be real handy for shootin' rabbits".  Rather fortuitously we are currently experiencing an extended dry spell and hopefully the sunroof will be repaired before spring storms eventuate.  Or possibly I'll use it as a rather valid excuse for the state of my windswept locks.

To any of my Western Australian readers, if you've seen a tall, dark cowboy-looking dude in your midst, tell him he should head home now.  Guest speaker at a Food Festival lunch in the Gascoyne region of WA (east of Carnarvon I believe),

where he was sent to extoll the virtues of Brahman cattle.  How if bred, raised and handled correctly, Brahmans do provide a wonderful eating experience and should no longer be stereo-typed as brindle, speary-horned and mad (no commentary from my wagyu-breeding friend necessary), although I will add that I enjoyed a Master Kobe Rump steak while visiting the Ekka.

In his absence I have rekindled my love-hate relationship with our irrigator, and am now more than ready for him to return.

Three quarters of my children are packing to head off on school camp tomorrow, leaving Sally most excited about the prospect of being an only child, if only for three days.  With a birthday coming up later in the week, she can barely sleep with anticipation of the week ahead.  And Daddy returns tomorrow.

And now I have lunch to prepare and an irrigator to shift.
Style ... who am I kidding???


  1. I looove my kids brushing and playing with my hair, I too end up with kooky styles that amuse everyone. I can thoroughly see the benefit of online grocery shopping for me, I often go in with only a couple of things in mind(said value $20) and walk out $250 lighter. Online truly is shopping from a list. I must investigate if it is available here. It would save me tonnes of money, even if the individual items are more expensive I wouldn't be tempted by the unecessary junk!

  2. I love this post! It made me smile. I hope your husband makes it home safely tomorrow! I hate that about your car-that stinks.

  3. I hear you Fiona. The Farmer has been away for a week and I have battled water pumps and an unfamiliar system. Hard to fix when you can't even find the taps... Had to bring in the big guns and call my father-in-law.

  4. 1. I must find out if I can do the same in Charters Towers! how thrilling that would be..

    2. is there a problem with the hair style? tis quite becoming!

    3. I have a vision of a blue tarp over the roof of your car, tucked in and held in place by the shut windows and doors (ala sun shade when kids were babies) Now THAT would be stylish, and could make an interesting noise, belting down the highway!

    4. we too have a birthday girl here on saturday (#7) who has ordered a "manilla" cake in the shape of a seven.

    5. enjoy the peace and reduced catering services needed with only one kid at home. of course this means more outside chores for you and said kid, does she realise that being the only child she will have to feed ALL of the animals?! (and happy birthday Sal, may dad bring home a pea gun so you can go shootin' rabbits from the sun roof of mums car)

  5. ps. it would surely have been the boy child that put the sign on the toilet door? same topic of conversation features often here too. Sigh. I gave up on any illusions of style and granduer many years ago.

  6. Sharon, I'm thinking a flattened out beer carton taped into place will do nicely in the short-term (all style).
    And will we be comparing cakes? Sally's ordered chocolate, very simple - I'm going to do the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake, undoubtedly there'll be images. (She's 7 on the 25th).
    And yes, correct again ... the boy child was responsible for the signage. I give up.

    And for astute map-readers, the Atherton Tableland has floated south, and the Gold Coast is so wonderful it appears twice, once in its correct coastal position, and another inland version.

    One really must be more careful before inserting images into one's blog.

  7. Hi there, I was interested in your map. My brother, James, and family have just recently moved from Melbourne to Brooklet - I gather the Byron Bay hinterland- very upmarket and probably beyond his means!!!!!


  8. corker of a pikky - Fiona!
    well, actually - both of them!

  9. Just LOVE! Reminds me of what we used to do at boarding school to pass the time (hair styling I mean :) x

  10. Love the hair - and the sign! I figured it was Wallace.

    These men of ours certainly do get around. I'd like them to get together one day over a beer and a steak (one brahman, one wagyu) to do a taste test and to discuss the attributes of their respective breeds!

    Last week we were at CBV (Alf C Snr). G will be back up there for the sale on the 30th.

    Enjoy your week.

  11. Fiona, you look perfectly made up to play the housemaid in a children's book/play. But most importantly, there are every day signs your children are growing up in a secure, loving world where they're being allowed to be children. They will have fond memories of their childhood! Jim

  12. The Gascoyne a beautiful part of the country, shame he is not travelling up to the Pilbara. James

  13. Fiona,
    It is always a pleasure to 'visit' your blog! Y ou have a lovely family and I am intotal agreement with Wayfarin' Stranger, there are every day signs your children are growing up in a secure, lving world and allowed to be children first and foremost!
    P.S. Your hairdo photo is priceless! Think one day of your grandkiddies' faces when you show them when their Mum or Dad did to you!

  14. Yep hairdressers is a favourite game here too...and I have to admit I have let the kids stay up longer if thy are brushing my hair lol

  15. Good God Fiona.
    Thank heavens the child responsible wasn't your hairdresser at the EKKA judging. You would have sent the Brahmans racing out of the judging ring!
    Yes, quite an amusing post. Perhaps it is allowable when Daddy is on the West Coast???

  16. well, now i kinda like that new do ;)

    have a great week!!



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