Friday, 26 August 2011

This baby of mine ...

continues to have birthdays. 

Yesterday was number 7 and everyone was out of bed early to share the joy.

Of course, there were cards to read,

and presents to open.

New clothes to try on

and toys to play with.

All before heading off for a day of school, where with a full student tally of 23, another young girl shares this birthday.  Fortunately for Sally, the other little girl's Mum always brings birthday cake to school to share! 

I was left with instructions for chocolate birthday cake for afternoon smoko, and dinner consisting of prawn cocktails, beef tacos and cheesecake to finish off.  Plain cheesecake, no fancy schmancy cheesecake.

Who am I to question why.

And so with plain chocolate iced sheet cake begging for adornment, the kids set about using freckles, smarties, jelly snakes and marshmallows to create their own individual masterpieces.

Happy, happy day Little One.


  1. C'mon Blog Ladies (and Colin) let's all send Sal a big happy Birthday cheer. Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!

  2. Hey Sally, Happy Birthday!! I'm sure your family made you feel very special.

  3. happy birthday Sally! (seven! yikes) there is another little girl up here too, she is seven tomorrow and the little pile of pressies dropped off by aunties and grandmas is toturing her!

    We've done the cake at school yesterday with the other 7 kids at school (birthdays on campdraft weekends make for double booked mums!) and we might just call past the bakery on the way the draft again in the morning, to spread out the fun and get a cake to share with some other little friends. Fun times (and mum best remember to wrap some pressies!)

  4. happy birthday from oklahoma sweet girl!!

    {how fun with all those toppings!}

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope she had a wonderful day!

  6. Happy birthday (week) Sally, We spread ours out for a week here! It's too much of an achievement to only last one day! Sounds like my favourite dinner too.

  7. When I was 7 I used to ask for prawn cocktail for my birthday dinner. She has impeccable taste.

    Happy birthday to your gorgeous baby girl.

  8. Hi Fiona, just found your blog.. love your kids and your attitude!! Happy birthday to your baby girl.. Go country!!!



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