Thursday, 11 August 2011

We are Here

After a 3:30 am start yesterday morning, a drive which for half the trip included a smelly dog and for all the drive included some sibling dispute over appropriate personal space levels, we are here.  At the capital.  So high up in an apartment block that I have forbidden all balcony excursions by anybody sharing a surname with me.

Five minutes after heaving luggage to said apartment, I hauled somewhat recalcitrant children on a brisk three blocks south walk, followed by two blocks west to admire all that is the Queen Street Mall.  Unfortunately my enthusiasm was not fully shared.  I did manage to acquire a turquoise beaded necklace

(following the non-arrival of my previously ordered overseas delight), to find that the maker of such beaded delights was in fact a cousin to one of our much loved neighbours.  Her delight at finding a fellow northerner did not extend to offering hugely discounted jewellery.

And today we headed to the

where the children started the day as auxillary crowd-fillers on the Today show;

watching Ruby Rubberlegs contort her body in such a fashion to fit it into that box slightly smaller than a fish-tank.

We then moved onto the judging arena where Dad was doing his thing:

which all took far longer than the children had anticipated.

A quick detour to Sideshow Alley and the Showbag Pavilion assisted in placating the restless mob.  I will not be held responsible for any cattle's misbehaviour due to the bow and arrow wielding ninja who then appeared ring-side.

The discovery of fungee bungee

brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Tomorrow we're auditioning with Cirque du Solei.


  1. Your kids are so beautiful. I hope you have a fantastic time.

  2. Another wonderful, witty post! What gorgeous children you have. Love their smiley faces :) Little Wallace would get along very well with my Felix!!! Enjoy the rest of your break xxx

  3. 1. "so and so's touching me, he's on my side of the seat!" ah, happy days. Not. Memories of my own child hood. So far my kids have not ventured into this territory of squabbling, unless of course someone introduces the phrase "she's touching me" like my bloody mother did to "are we there yet". She thinks its funny!
    2. Looks cold! but the kids do scrub up allright. And dad looks rather important and suitably solemn for the judging.
    3. I have the same balcony issues, once sprung a three and half year old pushing chair to railing so they could see better...shudder.
    4. speaking of scrubbing up (and nice turquoise replacement!)I notice a lack of evidentary photographs of The Shirt and The Boots being worn. Or are you saving that one up for us (of course, you will have other outfits for each day, so perhaps you should be sharing those as well, to inspire the rest of us country folk, who might need said inspiration for several upcoming excursions...)

    glad you travelled safely, and my apologies for the long comment, I am husbandless today and evidentally have not used my quota of words for the day yelling at the kids!

  4. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Bushbellesxo

  5. Hello.

    It looks like you're having a great time. The kids look like they were made for the Ekka. We're headed there next week ... I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    If you're still around we may even pass-by each other!

  6. Enjoy the Ekka!

    Not that long ago I worked at the RBWH across the road from sideshow alley. It was a sight to see watching the rides and lights go up but come the end of the show the novelty of the bells and dings and bongs and loud music from the rides (not to mention the screams of their riders) wore very thin indeed!

    These days Ekka for me means the arrival of the Ekka winds which means Spring is not far away now. Bring on spring!

  7. Hi Fiona, How fun, that brings back memories of Fair with our kids. Have a great time.

  8. The smiles say it all and it sounds like you're smiling too! Really like the necklace. Have you been to check out the chooks for me yet?! Enjoy the rest of your stay. M.

  9. Ooooh, I'm with you on high rises with balconies - they make me go dizzy!

  10. Sharon
    The blouse and boots were on. That is how I was able to find Fiona at the Brahman judging.
    Everyone was very intent on the judging. An interesting exercise, but I was glad to get away from the crowds after unsuccessfully, trying to find another exhibitor with the Droughtmasters. Found the stalls of the cattle, but neither cattle nor Sue!
    Nice to have meet you Fiona.

  11. Quick query: The Apartments that you stayed at, they weren't The Hotel George Williams by chance?



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