Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Wet Weekend

On what would have been a better weekend spent sipping hot chocolate whilst the children massaged my feet,

listening to the three inches of rain we received fall on the roof,

we instead opted for the more rugged, outdoors aproach and headed to Bottle Tree to right some wrongs. 

In our absence, with an apparent scent of Spring in the air, bulls had smashed several fences in their plight to rendesvous with maiden heifers and breeders alike.

So as the rain fell and the thunder rolled we worked cattle through the yards,

directing agitated, excited, fighting bulls back to their paddock for a further two months of purgatory, before our breeding season begins.

Testament to the mighty job they performed last season, babies greeted us at every turn.

Some, more noticeable than others

all assured of full bellies with this early break to the season.

Unfortunately this critter also put in an appearance, fortunate to be shot by the Canon only.

And while some livestock producers employ the services of Maremma sheepdogs to ensure the safety of their livestock, we're fortunate to have these low-cost girl children on the job.

Unfortunately, the boy child,

though armed, still hasn't fully realised the need to be in the same proximity as the cattle.


  1. ah, so that is where the rain was - has been hot here the past two days (or felt very hot, after the sudden break from a cold winter!)

    And as much as I would LOVE three inches of rain right here over my back yard, probably not so much down at the prickle farm where we are ready to send the cows "out bush" until the first storms (at which time the heartleaf will spring into life again)...

    love seeing the kids after the cows! great shot (and the boy and his water pistol, which is not much good against that very relaxed and happy looking dingo I have to say! although I wouldn't like to take on any of those healthy looking mama cows, I'd reckon he might find dinner a bit hard to procure!)

  2. ooooh I am envious of the three inches, we had 29mm and could have done with your rainfall. i have never seen a real dingo before, do they kill many calves? We had a calf killed a few weeks ago and think it was a wild dog.

  3. Ooh, that's a dingo is it? I thought it was a fox. I can't believe those black skies - that's so NOT how I imagine Australia! But your wonderful children get out there smiling, whatever is going on. Happy belated birthday to Sally. Looks like she celebrated in style.

  4. I love your photos. That is a good shot of the dingo! I have a Canon too but have yet to figure out how to use it properly lol.

    The weather has been lovely here with no rain, although we could do with some more...

  5. If only that lovely lime water pistol would shoo off the dingo eh? You're a hard working bunch...I hope you all had some fun too, this weekend. Good to see the rain there to establish feed for the coming months though.

  6. Fiona
    Where did the spotted like calf appear from?
    Is it a bit of this and and a bit of that???
    Bloody dingo - a real cannon might have done the trick rather than the camera canon. Lets hope for your sake there is not a pack of them around the property????
    Great looking cattle and that rain certainly will be of benefit.

  7. Love this post. Did you work out the youtube clip? Bushbelles xo

  8. I just wanted to say that I don't comment often, but I really enjoy your photography.

  9. Ha! Funny post ... that son with the water gun!

    Glad you got some rain. I think I may need to adopt that brindle calf.

    Your children always look so smart in their shirts ... I think they have influenced my sartorial leanings!!

  10. Was thinking "oh, cute calves" but then I realised where they are headed for one day. Best not think to much about dinner tonight :) We love a good steak!! Actually, this makes me think, I need to check my local butcher (who does have great meat) only sells Aussie Beef!!

  11. Sure hope there was time at the end of the day to have the children massage your feet. ;-)

  12. Magnificent photography! Mimi xx

  13. Ah but the boy child has a weapon and looks like he means business!

  14. I love the way your kids are out in all weathers and it doesn't seem to bother them. I'm glad someone said it was a Dingo you took a photo of as to be honest I didn't really know what it was. I know shame on me :0)

  15. Wonderful images to accompany a great post. Love your gentle humour and positive approach to what I know is a hard life. Not hard as in bad, more hard working.

  16. stunning pikky's Fiona. Bet you wish that dingo was shot by something else, eh!?
    so... are you doing the C25K?
    Details, please!



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