Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another Weekend Down

We've been a little busy.  Nothing new.  And no complaints.

Bulls are being readied for sales in only a week's time, which means veterinary visits for semen-testing, muscle-scanning, and just because we like working under pressure, Matthew has decided to lift the vet-crush to install new scales.  The vet-crush being the life-blood of this operation, it's even where I milk my cow, which won't be happening for some time at this rate.  Cattle also work through the vet crush to the loading ramp, so bulls won't be leaving until installation is complete.  And people will be taking their coffee black.

Carted more cattle to Bottle Tree yesterday, again young bulls had made their way into the breeders.  After sorting, patching fences and returning bulls to their correct paddocks, one fight left a young bull with a broken back leg.  He had to be put down.  Makes a good, productive day end not so well.
We returned home with a load of heifers to be used as donors, signalling the start of the new breeding season, when the relentless rounds of needling to synchronise donors and recipients starts all over.  Our recipient herd is now running at Bottle Tree and we will flush donors here and transport embryos to there before placing them in their new Mamas.  Well-travelled babies.

Snakes seem to be in abundance this season, with one brown found in the shed this morning.  I upset another earlier in the week, when he copped a dose of poison, meant for the lantana bush he was hiding under.

Our neighbours are trying valiantly to burn us out.  Fire has slowly but surely been working its way through the ranges which adjoin us.  It's been a very slow-moving fire and we have sufficient breaks in place to think it will stop before taking out too much of our country.  The night lights have been quite beautiful.

And today, as reward for the hard work the children have been putting in, we headed south after lunch to enjoy a fishing spot.  Something we talk about often, but rarely get the opportunity to do.

So as the sun set over Herbert Creek, we flicked lures and floated live bait in the hope of snaring a barramundi.

These Wagyu cows came down to keep an eye on proceedings

{Photo for Mare}

Dad was kept busy catching bait fish, with Sally on hand to jump on the lively little blighters.

Unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, our haul only included five catfish and two under-sized barra.

Thankfully, the person whose property we were on, had enjoyed a heavy haul earlier in the week and filled our esky with fillets upon departure.

A grand afternoon had by all.


  1. what a week indeed! I detect the same tone of delight re your vet crush as may well come from my own mouth when I question the choices of my own beloved when he pulls apart/fixes/changes some vital bit of something right before we need it. All tarred with the same brush.

    touching wood, the expensive beeping solar light thing that I bought from the hardware (Snake Deter?) store appears to be working at detering the critter from my yard. Early days yet though.

  2. ps you are most polite about your determined neighbours! hope the wind stays at your back and the breaks are good ones!

  3. Oh Fiona! Your hard work ethos never fails to amaze me. Just fabulous. And these photos of the children are priceless. Well done you, Mummy! J x

  4. I love reading about your day to day life, and I can appreciate what you are saying about the fires and burning off...

    As soon as we have finished our house, we plan to tend to our fences are buy some cattle. We are hoping to get Lowline and breed from them as well, so I might be needing some pointers. It will all be new for us but we are very excited about it all.....

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey

  5. As foreign to me as it is, I am fascinated by your account of life - and your sang-froid when it comes to fires, snakes and other hazards which would have me totally freaked out. The fishing trip sounds a great way to spend time together - though it sounds like the spot had been cleaned out before you got there!

  6. A bucket-full of fillets. That's the way to do it.

    It sounds like you've been really busy and will be for a bit.

    I can't get enough of your cow photos ... though I did think of sitting down at the Brekky Creek Hotel at the mention of Wagyu.

  7. Wow, just beautiful photos. It looks like a fun afternoon. It is just wonderful to spend time with your family. Mimi xx

  8. Fiona
    You sure have been busy - well, I guess with two properties to run, that would be the understatement of the year!
    What is the name of that river running close to you?
    Brahman x Wagyu!!!!!
    I anxiously await photos of the calves.
    I googled Wagyu cattle - interesting to read.
    Only about 100,000 head in Australia, and they flourish in the Margaret River area of WA. I would think your area would be quite different to the "M.R. area of WA"????
    Thank you for giving me a discussion topic with Steve of the Toowong butcher shop tomorrow!

  9. Just a little busy, huh? Sounds like a very busy time of year to me! Love your photos of the children at ease. I need someone to give me fish every time I go fishing but then I don't really go to catch fish, just to go fishing. Your fishing spot looks like heaven to me!

  10. Well that sounds like one of our usual fishing trips. Now me, I'm waiting for an invitation to that spot of Sharons where everyone caught a fish!
    The Laptop is working fine thank you Mrs Fixit. Just hope I can get Blopgger to let me into your Blog.
    Cheers, Old Nev.



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