Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Anyone Wanna Buy a Bull?


  1. We are sheep people. I don't think our fences would be up to those big boys.

    They are looking very good though.

  2. firstly, great photography on the flyer! very very snazzy looking (will be looking for that in the paper too.

    secondly, who names your bulls?! they sound very educated and highbrow! (they may not to wish to hang out with the country hick northern girls!)

    thirdly, whilst they look rather outstanding bulls, our budget went on the black Tea Bag (stud name Earl Grey!)who is wandering around padded in cotton wool and feeling most folorn about the state of the nothern tucker. We even felt sorry for him and bought the most expensive bales of lucerne hay in the nation (not by choice, beggers can't be choosers) to ease him into a less pampered lifestyle!

    Now, more importantly, do you think we might see an appearance of The Shirt and The Necklace during Brahman Week?! ;-)



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