Monday, 19 September 2011

Cattle & Kids

Some days it's just Cattle & Kids.  Hold the Chaos.

Some days it's just Cattle.  Hold the Kids.  And Chaos.


  1. Beautiful pics Fiona!! Those cattle are gorgeous and very pet-like. Must be hard to say goodbye sometimes.

  2. nothing better than a 900kg animal happy to have a scratch and pat and just be company, bovine or equine.

    and your ruby looks as impressed as our sally at having a bath (ours was required after the discovery of guinea pig remains in which she was joyfully rolling)

  3. Calm..and beautiful!! I've just spent some time reading some previous blog entries here...I'm loving it! One of my favourite blogs...

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey (sorry blogger won't let me comment x)

  4. .Hello Fiona
    Your cattle look totally different, we have milk cows with HF intersection.
    The cattle are all so calm and patient? Because the children are very close.

  5. I loove the way show cattle will let you do almost anything to them. I'm presuming these ones are. They are magnificent! Ours are a little different to this, being commercial and all, and not to be trusted! We have had some very quiet stud bulls in the past who would let you have a pat, but they soon lost most of their quietness being out in the paddock and not handled in the showring. My little fella is getting his cow loving fix with a poddy who is becoming very pushy.

  6. I love your photos. Seeing your girls next to the cows really shows just how big they are. Are they all as docile as they look? I love your blog you all seem to be very content and happy and that in turn makes me happy. Weird huh?

  7. Photograhpy fantastic, a beautiful insight to a farm family!

  8. Your photos are fabulous. I love seeing children and cattle happy and relaxed in each others company.

  9. If only city kids could do what is shown on your wonderful blog - I am sure the world would be a better place.
    They don't have a clue! Headphones and mobile phones is all they have! Rudeness is their attitude - on trains you have to climb over them and if you ask them to move, well - the response is "Get xxx etc" or I have my rights?
    Sad but true.
    You, Fiona and husband,John, blog reports are not on TV for suburbia to see.

  10. Sorry - got somewhat carried away - last sentence should read as below!

    You, Fiona and husband,John, pity that YOUR blog reports are not on TV for suburbia to see.
    Might wake, hopefully, a few of suburbia that there is a more fruitful lifestyle.
    Oh yes, also Steve at the butcher shop at Toowong sends his regards.

  11. Gorgeous - the bovines and the offspring!!! Great shots...



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