Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Happy Holiday Tale

Once upon a time, four very spoilt children were gifted a Christmas Cubby House, built lovingly by their Grandfather, then painstakingly painted by their beloved Grandi.

The four very spoilt children loved their cubby house, but would only play in it when their Mummy was by their side.  {Not the outcome Mummy was hoping for}.

Fast forward five years.  The cubby has been used as a guest-house, general dumping grounds for unwanted items, repository for lost hats, shoes and socks and shade-source for the assortment of weeds growing beneath.  Not so much as an entertainment cove for children.

Until these holidays.

When the girls took it upon themselves to spring clean and re-vamp the cubby, then reward themselves with a festive morning tea.

With nasturtiums and murraya as a fitting floral accompaniment.

Jessie's home-cooked mini-doughnuts, patty cakes and carb-loathing Mummy's rissole.
Lucky Mummy.

Ruby, the pampered pooch was allowed to join the club,

and made herself right at home.

And so as the girls managed to fill in nearly an entire day in their cubby, Mum was able to slip away to complete molasses runs and poison lantana.

And they all lived happily ever after.


  1. That cubby is a palace! In fact I think it would make a perfectly fine office for my hubby who thinks we are a bit noisy when he studies. He has often expressed a desire for a yurt down the back. Ours has a chook house under it now but the toddler is renovating the upstairs. (mezzanine.)

  2. What a cute little place for them to play! It looks like they did a great job cleaning up and Ruby looks perfectly at home!

  3. I can imagine it might be an even greater bonus now they're growing up so fast - a place to hang out away from everyone else! They did a wonderful job on the cleaning - can I borrow them?

  4. What a fantastic cubby...lucky kids... Ours needs a serious re-vamp now our beautiful little grandson has arrived.. although it looks like we have plenty of time if it's taken your girls this long to appreciate theirs!!!

  5. Oh...we are going to make over the girls cubby these holidays too :) Thinking the will want to go a beach shack theme!
    And great story telling with your shots :)

  6. Oh, it's beautiful! I'm glad Ruby made the Club. It's immaculate!

    Are they going to put up curtains? I just love it! I wish I had a cubby.

    Poisoning weeds sounds fun too.

  7. it seems we have a similar such structure, except ours is not nearly as grand being built from the frame of an old cattle crate (a dodgy one at that) and recycled iron, and with a dirt floor, as no one has rounded up the energy to cut the poly belting for the floor.

    Just today I have threatened to turn it into a saddle shed and storage facility!

    I would have had the donuts to fuel me for molasses and lantana dealings. The latter sounding just SO much fun, in this pre summer warm up!

  8. looks like a lot of fun, love the dog in the corner!

    we just got the australian version of little house on the prairie at a yard sale...have you seen it??



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