Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hockey 1, Hockey 2 ...

Thursday morning saw an early rise before we headed west to participate in the second annual inter-school hockey carnival for the three small schools in our region.  Team sports are something of a novelty for these young students whose school populations unfortunately don't stretch far enough to produce 'teams'. 

Our resident Policeman's wife, herself a much esteemed hockey player, very graciously offered to train our youngsters, equipping them with some valuable skills they'll be sure to take forward with them into secondary school.

With Junior teams (Prep to Yr 3) and Senior teams (Yr 4 to 7) playing, it was a long, hot day.

Wallace captained the Junior team to victory, then doubled up to play in the Senior team as well ...

and came home with a nice little memento for his efforts.  (Mother head swell alert).

Sal was in Wallace's team, and so shared the spoils.

The Senior team was also victorious, but at the end of the day I think every child from every school came away having had a great, fun day.

Sarah's games were alternated between goalie and on the field.  Quite the get-up.

Jess on the other hand was still quarantined and had been sent to town to Nanny's.  Ending the week with another doctor's visit and perforated eardrum, we're looking forward to better days ahead.

I shouldn't have made her do that ironing.


  1. I know as much about hockey as I do about bulldozers, but one thing caught my eye: the rather fetching goal keepers outfit. If nothing else entertained during the game, the kid getting around in that would surely do so!

    and I agree, it must have been the ironing that tipped the eardrum over the edge. Tut tut. Bet she was upset about going to nanny's too (no ironing there! hee hee)

  2. I think that hockey one, jockey two thing was my favorite part of the game. Great pics Fiona, hope the kids are better! The ear problem gene runs strong in this family-not nice!

  3. That hockey looks fun, my school hockey was NOT. It was always played in winter in freezing cold - and I was hopeless at it too. Sorry to hear Jess is still not too well, earache is horrible.

  4. You captured perfectly the spirit and fun of sports days. Gee, bet the goalie was hot in that get-up! I hope Jess is better soon.



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