Monday, 26 September 2011

Run, Forrest, Run

I was that kid at school sitting on the benches while her classmates ran, jumped, hit, caught, leapt, cartwheeled, swam, threw, bowled, kicked or hurdled.
I was that kid with the Mum with RSI in her wrist from writing notes to the Phys. Ed teacher explaining why Fiona was unable to participate today.
"Could Fiona please be excused from Physical Education today as her knee is giving her trouble";
"Could Fiona please be excused from Physical Education today as she's not feeling well".

While the reasons behind my inability to participate in these sporting sessions are probably fodder for psycho-therapy, rather than a blog post, let's just say that in an attempt to right these wrongs from my past, the past three months I have participated in the 'Couch to 5K' challenge.

The program endeavours to haul couch potatoes from their lazy prostrate comfort zone, and have them running five kilometres (in thirty minutes), by the end of the nine week program.  Whilst I have never considered myself to be of the couch potato ilk, I did have a healthy disdain for running, unless being chased.

In my youth as I drove into town, I would chuckle at the hordes of joggers pounding the pavements, lamenting the fact that they obviously didn't work hard enough in their day jobs.  My physically intensive choice of work didn't leave leftover energy for the likes of purpose-less running.

And now while I still keep myself rather physically active in my day-to-day doings, middle age is contributing to a layer of padding around my middle that requires tougher strategies every year in an attempt to move it.

So, at 5:30 most mornings, I don the sneakers and head out to run four laps of our front house paddock.  My attire has altered a little since I began, the Ariat lace-up work boots replaced by Saucony running shoes, the Akubra work hat replaced by a cap (aerodynamically superior), and the second glances by passing vehicles are not nearly as incredulous.

Living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks, next year I'm thinking of swimming the English Channel.
Or maybe I'll stick to mastering the art of baking macarons.


  1. Hi Fiona..if you master the craft of baking too many macarons you'll be assigned extra laps!

  2. I dunno, you look pretty fit to me but good on you for doing it! I am still operating under the policy of "no running unless chased" or have to need to catch a naughty kid in a hurry. Although I did buy some walking joggers with the intent of clocking up a couple of kms every evening. Lets not dwell on how that has gone (for many number of reasons!)

    I really would have liked the kids/husband to take a photo of you in action in the hat and work boots though. That would have been great! ;-)

    ps I notice the green pick coming up on the burn - success at last!

  3. I can't think of anyone less likely to be considered a couch potato than you! All kudos to you though - wish I had the energy!!

  4. Run, Forrest, Run, my RRRRs.

    You've got the legs for it, and I after seeing the ability of your four, I suspect they get their sporting prowess from somewhere!!

    Good for you!! I could never do it!!

    I can't even run when chased!

  5. Hey, looking good! Thanks for the photo. You won't believe it but I took one for you today! True story! Will post it in the next couple of days. Mare

  6. You look like quite the runner to me!

  7. I only started running years ago...but fell of the wagon. I have climbed back on last week :) Good on way to get fit!

  8. You look amazing! Well done Fiona. There's this little race in Sydney every might have heard of it? City 2 Surf? You look like you belong in it:) Meredy xo



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