Sunday, 11 September 2011

That Time

It's that time of year

when babies pop up in the grass

like mushrooms after Spring storms.

That time of year when Mama cows

take turns sitting groups of babies.

It's that time of year

when children go missing ...

to be found atop the pig pen

or chook-house

foraging for ripe mulberries.


  1. Aw how lovely! We don't have cows and calves, we trade steers as atm cows and calves can be too much hassle. But you get so much pride out of seeing what you can "breed" can't you? One of these days we'll have a place big enough!

  2. What a lovely time of the year Spring is.
    Brahman calves are certainly one of the cutest of baby animals with those big ears and slightly pushed up noses.
    Yumm mulberries..your kids have the right idea there.

  3. Spring in Australia!!! Love it :)

  4. your pics are beautiful Fiona! I love the mulberry foraging..i remember doing the same on top of our chook pen as a kid..

  5. Beautiful babies!

    PS I want a shirt like that!

  6. Had to ask Mr. Google what a "chook-house" was. Turns out we had them, but I'd never heard them called that in the U.S. As the only brother of two sisters, I also got a kick out of the shirt. Jim

  7. Ah, such beautiful babies! The kids are darling, too!

  8. Oh, babies. I love them, no matter what species.

    It was always my brother's fault, too.

  9. Hope you are over all your adventures and life has settled down a bit.
    Can't wait to see the first of the mulberry faces.

  10. Calves look great.
    Mulberries and in my youthful years, also blackberries!!!! Thank God now for washing machines and those new stain remover powders!
    Kids being kids in the 50's loved both fruits and happily gathered them with frightfully dirty stain results - not what a mother wanted to see. I suppose we had a funny old washing machine, but I think the stained clothes were done in one of those open air hot boilers or whatever they were called.
    Yep mulberry and blackberry fruit picking was no joy to mothers - ha ha.
    Just pray that your washing machine can bear the strain and stains!
    Great post - more memories of days of old.

  11. oh the babies are so cute! i wish i could see/touch them in person! love the's my brother's fault!
    we are having fall weather here now...yipee!


  12. Fall is here so seeing your spring is delightful. Your calves are beautiful and the Momma's have that protective momma look.

    Well done!

  13. Lovely post!!! Love baby Brahmans and mulberry trees...



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