Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Weekend Review

Dad spent the weekend trucking cattle between Rock Wallaby and Bottle Tree (or BeetleTree as we've taken to calling it ... I don't know why).
Wallace is in town with his grandparents learning the finer arts of fish-wrangling and crab-tying.  Grandad insistent they may need to buy heavier guage rope, as baling twine just won't be strong enough to tie the monster crabs they're going to haul in.  We'll wait and see.
So while Dad trucked and Wallace crabbed, we girls spent our time gathering and drafting cattle in readiness for the truck, keeping an eye on the gate, racing to the yards to help him load, ensuring a fast turn-around for the old Acco.
In between times we dabbled in a little cooking;

a little dog-washing;

with Ruby suitably unimpressed;

a little gardening;

including some short back and sides for some out of control shrubbery;

even a little overdue room-cleaning.

And finally, as I'm often prone to do, even my clothes-line threw its hands in the air at the amount of laundry we had to deal with.

Now, for two weeks of school holidays. 


  1. Funny post!

    Love the clothes line! Love the soapy dawg!

    Love the Header with the white babies!!

    I send kids away for the holidays too!!xo

  2. The pavlova looks delish.
    Your vegie garden looks to be yielding well.
    I rememeber school holidays always being accompanied with the dreaded bedroom cleanout too.

  3. oh no...that pay...arggggg
    i started a 6 week challenge...sigh!!

  4. Giggling in Hobart, Fiona ☺. And you must share that luscious recipe! J x

  5. Always something going on with you, I like that!
    Greetings from Germany by Wilma

  6. Hi love, I have tried a million times to comment but blogger keeps blocking me. I still read your every word, I just can't comment unless I'm anon. That kids bedroom looks very familiar-ha.

    Love Niki

  7. that bedroom looks rather tidy compared to one a little further north! (from our rather fancy smancy spacious two bathroom unit at mission beach!)



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