Monday, 17 October 2011

Another Weekend Wrap

With humidity levels soaring and temperatures much the same, we joyfully headed to our local swimming pool this past Friday afternoon, swelling numbers on the first open day of the season.

The high humidity has brought with it afternoon thunder storms, unfortunately only 10 mm falling at home, but much more at Chabo and Bottle Tree.

The pool was absolutely beautiful, and as always happens, nobody wanted to get out.

Stern warnings ensued, threats of 'never, ever, ever, ever' returning to the pool again followed,

until finally bribery by way of jelly-tip ice-creams meant they all came clambering for their towels.

This weekend, instead of harassing our own cattle, we drove hundreds of kilometres to bother somebody else's.

A 'fixed-time-AI program', saw us artificially inseminate 130 droughtmaster heifers Saturday afternoon.  Our seven children toiled in the back-yards, keeping cattle up to us at the coalface.

I was given the cleanest task of keeping 'guns' loaded.  These two lads helped, retrieving frozen straws from the liquid nitrogen tank.

Cattle and kids worked beautifully,

and in only a few hours we'd hopefully turned these maiden heifers into expectant mamas.  We'll return in 35 days to preg-test, when all will be revealed.

Sunday we headed to Bottle Tree and Chabo,

where 40 mm of storm rain has helped push some green pick through.

Kids explored gullies that have been running all year,

tasting the very minerally water

and searching for living creatures.

This lone emu the most exciting sighting for the weekend.

With a La Nina weather pattern returning to the Southern Hemisphere, these babies should have a good headstart.

The kids have christened this Bottle Tree dam Swan Lake,

with black swans having been sighted here on our past couple of visits.

For a pleasant change, we made it home in daylight, though not everybody fully enjoying the scenic drive,

Mama Pig, who we'd thought may have provided us with a new round of play-things in our absence, provided nothing but great disappointment for the troops.

And so now the race is on each morning to see who will be first to discover when Mama does have her babies.

Dad's flown to Melbourne this morning to assist with some embryo work and kids are home due to a student-free day.  There is mowing to be done and room tidying.  Everybody's thrilled.


  1. HUGE weekend!

    Love the 'pass-outs' on the back seat! Keep us posted on piglets and calves!

  2. sigh, please send some of that rain north...guess what the men are up to again today (and what a quick response after the fire, gorgeous green pick!)

    have yet to decide on which task my lot will undertake on their pupil free day. I think since they have done their best to make the lounge and kitchen floors a disgrace, they will be vacuuming. ;-) they will be thrilled no doubt to have a chance to fight over the vacuum cleaner.

    love timber yards, so much more human friendly. Sadly white ants love em in our part of the world...

  3. great shots! it's funny...the skin always looks like it just hangs from the calfs! i would love to be able to visit "your world" some day!

    have a great week!! :)
    mountain mama

  4. Beautiful photos, the children certainly looked like they were having fun in the pool. Have a great week! Mimi xx

  5. The calves are beautiful! You guys are going to have a really good calf crop this year!

  6. Your photos of the kids and cattle are wonderful. I figure if I keep visiting long enough I will one day see the chaos! Your family seems to work like a well oiled machine. Even if some of the parts get worn out occasionally! Love the shot of the girls taking a rest. Isn't it wonderful to see those fresh green shoots of grass?! Look forward to hearing what surprises the sow has for you.

  7. Gorgeous pics, arnt those RB Sellers shirts the bomb. Its uniform around here.

  8. Just love those kids and those drought master calves.. so good to see green after the fires..

  9. love the girls asleep in the backseat! So cute..We have a pregnant sow here..I know nothing about them so you'll have to share your knowledge Fiona. Have a great week!

  10. Just wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I find it so interesting reading about other women's rural lives and yours is no exception. Love all your stories, I look at your photos but can't make out the landscape and where you might be from ..... ?? Looking forward to your next posts.



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