Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Good Day

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of my 21st birthday.

Just look at that blonde flicked hair.  Farrah who?

I returned from my run this morning to the sight of four sleepy, smiling faces lined up on the verandah, shouting gleeful birthday messages.  Dad had left at four, but did wish me a happy day upon departure, leaving only four to spoil me.  Sarah made coffee, Jessie scrambled eggs.  There was a card from my big girls:

Sally presented me with this hand-made neck-a-lace

that I'm going to wear out tonight with this little number pulled from the far recesses of the wardrobe.

Just the thing for an ICPA Dinner tonight.  Purple's the new black.  At least it was seven years ago when I bought it.  Wallace in tears, explained he yet again hadn't made me anything.  His sisters explained he had all day to make amends, with that he disappeared to return some short time later with this strikingly life-like miniature replica of myself, complete with string to hang from the rear-vision mirror of my car. 

I'm just hopeful they don't start spearing pins into her when they're told they aren't coming out with us tonight.


  1. Happy birthday Fiona!! Looove the blonde hair!! had a similar hairdo myself at 21!!

  2. Happy birthday Fiona - the effort of Wallace is quite imaginative!

  3. Hi Fiona,

    I'm new to your Blog (found you on Life On Planet Baby). I love your Blog and it will keep me inspired until we head back to our little farm. Looks like you're a few years ahead of me on the parenting road too - my 4 are 3, 3, 5 and 7, always good to stay in touch with those a little further ahead.

    Have a wonderful day and I hope your delightful toilet roll doll remain intact the entire day!!


  4. Happy Birthday Fiona/Farrah!!! (You are a spring chicken BTW - I am older!!)

    Hope your kids forgive you soon.

  5. Oh happy 41st, sweet Fiona! Hmm, that makes me only about 6 weeks older than you ☺. Yes, that flick is a classic - let's not discuss my 'fringe perm' in 1985 to complement my dead straight bob! They were the days...Wallace is such a classic. Have a ball, Sweetheart. J x PS So fabulous to see Mel over here, too.

  6. Happy Birthday, lady!
    Love the sweet things the kids did for you! It's the thought that counts. :)

  7. Who wouldn't have a happy birthday after receiving those gifts! I love the necklace and I hope your mobile hangs together so you can treasure it! (Where did he get the idea for the sexy little pants?)

  8. 1. happy birthday!
    2. how nice that a dinner falls on the evening of your birthday, hope Mr is home to escort you, in the lovely purple dress (purple is indeed in this season)
    3. heh heh, are there some short running shorts in your wardrobe to give the passerbyers some excitement on your morning run?!
    4 wallace is indeed inventive under pressure.

  9. Happy Birthday Fiona - have a fun night tonight!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I always say I am 21 again and again and again, eventually my baby learnt some maths and worked out I could not have a 14 year old and be 21- It did work for many years though!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    The purple dress is beautiful. Please take pictures in it!

    Your birthday gifts are so sweet and thoughtful!

  12. Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl.
    Hope you had a ball last night.
    I have been thinking about having a 21 x 2 birthday party next year. Ha.
    Leaving the x 2 really tiny on the invites.
    Here's to another lovely 40 plus years ahead.

  13. Happy belated birthday. You look to be getting younger to me! What sweet treats from your children too - and then a dinner to round off the day. Sounds lovely.

  14. Is it really a year since your 40th?? It can't be! I would have said it was "just the other day" - my, how the days pass quickly. Love your presents especially your pink hair. Mare.

  15. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great dinner! :)



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