Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Julie Goodwin's Never Fail Cake ...

... can.  And does.

Tipped upside down, smeared with icing, and doused in choc chips.

That never fails.


  1. You're hilarious. Guess what....we also made that cake, with very similar results to yours! I think there's an ingredient missing?? Mind you, if it means that all that extra icing fills up the centre, I think it actually TOTALLY WORKS! Meredy xo

  2. Clever! It looks wonderful.

    Is there an ingredient missing?

  3. Excellent - I probably wouldn't think of turning it upside down, I'd just fill the dip with icing LOL.

  4. Oh goodness, I think it looks delish!

  5. kids don't care if it fails or not, looks edible to me! (and what sort of icing is that?)actaully I don't think it matters if a recipe says "never fail", I would find one way of making a stuff up!

    speaking of, best go and starting making some travel friendly and yet tasty smoko items for the field day our p and c are catering for...somehow I don't think delicate macaroons will be making the to make list...

  6. We call those "Dent Cakes" ........looks great.
    Your photos are wonderful...........

  7. Yum I am so looking forward to getting home to some REAL food. Have been travelling for 2 weeks now. I want a home cooked meal.
    I sometime es have cakes that have always worked and then bang don't . I think it can be due to the weather or humidity or a small delay on getting it in the oven and of course forgetting to pre heat the oven!

  8. A big hello from the Pacific NW coast!
    Is this the recipe you used perhaps?

    I think you improved Ms. Goodwin's recipe and I am quite sure the kiddies did not mind the sweets you spread on top!
    Must try it for hubby (who has a sweet tooth!)
    Blessings to all,

    P.S. Love to read your down under posts!

  9. Ahh, yes, I've used that never fail method on never fail cakes before!! :)

  10. great fix!
    You've been a busy little bee!

  11. Haha. Good save. Bet it never fails for Julie Goodwin! I met her a few years ago when she signed my cookbook for me. Nice lady and very down to earth.

  12. Fiona
    Are you going into competition with Julia (Meryl Streep) and Julie (Amy Adams)???
    And now another "Julie Goodwin's Never Fail Cake ..."?????
    That movie "Julie and Julia" is a real classic!
    Anyhow, maybe the end result was for the cake to look just like shown???
    Ice cream, fresh cream and strawberries - what could be better - bon appetit!

  13. Great fix! Your cake looks quite tasty!



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