Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Lotta Bull

We've finally made it home from the World's Biggest Bull Sale.  In what could best be described as a tough sale, we've come home very happy with our results.  A nice feeling.  There've been many times in the past where the drive home has been a particularly long and sombre one.  The presence of our bank manager on sale morning, wishing us all the best, left me wondering exactly what did he mean.  I didn't see him again, but am hopeful he's sharing our joy.

The week ran not quite as smoothly as one would have hoped.  Between backing and forthing to home to feed animals, Matthew received a phone call early Monday morning notifying us of threatening fire at Chabo and Bottle Tree.  Matthew's immediate departure wasn't enough to save Chabo, but a couple of days of blading breaks and backburning has saved Bottle Tree.  We returned Wednesday morning to doctor a prolapsed cow, only to find she hadn't made it.  We'd obviously been enjoying our sale success a little too much, dead cows make great levellers.

The purchaser of one of the sale bulls returned to Bottle Tree today to inspect paddock bulls, and left with a full truck.  A good week.

And now we're home.  Back to school tomorrow. 
"But Mum, who starts school on a Friday.  We could help you with molasses runs.  But Mum".!

Needless to say we're starting Term 4 on a Friday.


  1. So do you now have a poddy calf too? Ours is on calf rearer nuts now, not sure how the house sitter is coping with him and the rest of the menagerie while we are traveling around gathering state Whipcracking titles and trophies!

  2. I agree with your children "Oh mum school on Friday" ! Enjoy your day to day. Mimi xx

  3. Cannot agree more with your comment..."dead cows make great levellers"! So TRUE!

  4. Glad you had a good sale.. There is nothing worse than finding a dead cow.. It's not so bad with sheep, maybe because of their size? Hope all the fires are out now, and not too much damage has been done..



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