Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pictures I Didn't Know I Had

One of my birthday gifts was a small 'point and shoot' camera, small enough to slot into pocket or purse, perfect for those times when my big old camera is just a little on the cumbersome side.  Due to the children indicating to both Nanny and Dad that I may have been dropping this hint for some time, and a slight communication technicality between the two, I now have two such cameras!  We have since decided that one would be just perfect for Nanny.

And apparently my new Canon is just perfectly sized for small people.  Here are just a sample of photos downloaded, none taken by me.

The Pierre de Ronsard, slowly creeping over the verandah, has just started blooming.

This beautifully shaped pear, caused shrieks and giggles every time the children entered the kitchen and witnessed it resplendant in the fruit bowl.  We're big on 'bum humour' in this household!

A shot of Wallace's lunchbox, only half prepared.  A handy keepsake!  Possibly just proving to me that he did once take an apple to school.

Sal, surveying yet another of my hair-styles, a regular evening activity in these parts.

A blurry Jess, getting ready for school.  Obviously dancing a jig at the same time, she'll do anything to get out of packing a lunch.

Dad, doing his thing.  Please disregard dirty windows, an inadequate filing system and the stubby on desk. 

From memory, this was dinner one late Sunday evening, having returned from Bottle Tree, tired cranky kids in tow.

This is where Sarah can usually be found, head in book.

When not fleeing the paparazzi.


Wallace has just started the sixth Harry Potter book.  If I hear another 'imperio', 'accio' or 'avada kedavra', tales of death-eaters and dementors, or be explained the rules of quidditch one more time, I may not be responsible for my actions.

And finally, the GPS.  I would never have thought to capture this memory. 

Stay tuned for more kid-caught moments.


  1. Fiona, these are priceless! while being far from technically perfect, they are very real and show a tiny slice of life at your place (hah! the memory keeper in me coming out!)Love 'em.

    And I have to note that Sal is showing real talent in hair styling. :-)

  2. Oh, I love this post! I see a whole new side to The Cattle, Kids and Chaos Family. I think I might copy you and do a monthly post of photos my boys take - what a fun idea. I know what you mean re big camera. I'm hanging out for xmas - on my wish list is the new iphone4s, with apparently very cool camera. x

  3. So funny Fiona. Love hearing of a boy that is reading like that, I wish I had one. Those piglets are the cutest!! Reminds me of Charlotte's Web...

  4. Someone sure had fun with that camera! Were they all taken by the same child? An eye for beauty and composition and a sense of humour rolled into one? I love these!

  5. Love it. These pictures will be the ones you look back on and go-"that was my life".
    Beautiful memory making, kids.
    Love Niki(who is still locked out of blogger comments on my blog page)dunno why.

  6. Looks like we have the same camera contents, my kids all just point and shoot at whatever, the results are fun!

  7. Looks like your present was one of those "whole of family" presents. Is it an ixus?

  8. Great idea! I have started an album on my photo file now just for the kids' photos. It's not just the picture but the choice of subject matter that cracks me up. Seeing what they see- priceless.

  9. Cute, glad you survived your birthday, the kids pictures are great!

  10. Oh the simple joys of the digital that the kids can record life from their perspective :)

  11. I've loved seeing your world through their eyes. I've often thought I should spend more time just photographing 'ordinary' things and seeing the beauty in them - as well as keeping the memories.

  12. oh that hamburger....

    mountain mama



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