Monday, 31 October 2011

A Quick Update

Though we travelled home with a spare seat in the car and an empty chair now sits at the dining room table, the bulls still need feeding, the cow still needs milking, eggs need to be collected, dogs need to be run and preparations are underway for tomorrow's Melbourne Cup function our P&C is hosting. 
The world has continued to spin as normal.
 Though our little bit of 'normal' is momentarily somewhat unbalanced.
Two more sleeps.

Thanks everybody for your kind words.
{We left her with a smile on her face, heading for the pool with her new 'buddies'}.


  1. Fiona, glad to hear things are holding up. Have been thinking of you and your baby. So happy that you have your weekends!!

  2. Remember what you said in your profile?
    ...raising some happy kids...Look at her smile!
    A beautiful young lady on the verge of many discoveries and all thanks to her Mum's (and Dad's)love and hard work!
    Keeping all of you in thoughts and prayers,

  3. Remember when times get tough bush kids always come home because home is where our heart is...

    Of course my mum would also advise that if you thought the first child was hard wait until the last one leaves ... silence is not golden

  4. She looks SOOOOO excited!! It will be like one big Giant sleepover!

  5. I would reckon the biggest girl is faring better than her mother, chin up old girl ;-) like mummaducka says its just a sleepover! And rest in the comfort that she will be happy and secure at school - honestly, there is nothing more heartbreaking than having to leave a sobbing distraught homesick kid at school (having seen it first hand this year, son of close friends of ours). But he went back to school this term with a smile on his face and mum and dad feel so much happier too. So, the moral of the story - be happy that she is happy! (still doesn't make it any easier for you, but still, look for the silver lining!)



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