Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Saddle on Up, and Mosey on Out

This past weekend saw us indulge in a little stay-at-home catch up.  For one day at least.  The girls saddled up Saturday morning and headed out to gather cows whose baby calves needed ear-tagging.

After the first half hour spent complaining about having to wear helmets, we settled into routine with Sally calling the shots.  Wallace (whose mare was out of action), chauffered me on the quad,

allowing me to survey the scenery, call directions to both dogs and children, and reprimand the boy for leaving the house in a short-sleeved shirt.

While Dad picked up round bales, we easily herded breeders, never far from the molasses troughs.  With Sal taking the lead,

the older girls kept the tail wagging.

At some point, as they started moving off, Sally who had been relegated to the lead, because nobody else's horses like being in the lead, ended up in the middle of the mob.

Not quite the desired position for the lead rider.  But a good giggle for Mum on the tail.  And fortunately these old darlins were most accommodating, moving aside, letting her make her way back to where she should have been.  Lucky Dad wasn't around.

This little bub was found in long grass not far from the mob, obviously planted there by her Mama.

We cut her Mama back from the mob, to leave her with her baby.

Unfortunately, she had other ideas and soon caught back up with us.  Cow and calf were re-united later in the day, baby calves knowing to stay exactly where Mama puts them.

Everybody enjoyed being back on home turf, if only for a day of working cattle.  Sunday we returned to Bottle Tree, put the remaining bulls out to work and were home very late, Sally lamenting the fact that we don't have real weekends. 

What's more real than this, I say?


  1. weekend? what are those strange things of which you speak?! ;-)

    love seeing these great pics, and the girl in the mob...we have an old horse that doesn't like being slowed down on the tail, and is quite happy to work his way up through the mob to the front. Rider used to be quite oblivious and enjoyed being part of the mob. She has now worked out where the action/work/fun is and has put his caper to a halt.

  2. Your photos are all so beautiful and crisp. Your children all so helpful and capable. I did like their series of photos in the last post too.

    Can you send them 'round to my place to round-up the stragglers?

  3. I can relate to the fact that no farming families have real weekends! The odd day can be arranged, but rarely more than one day at a time. I never, ever hear my kids say I'm bored! Occasionally in holidays they can catch up on movies and games!

  4. The last picture of the mama cow looks like she's narrowing her eyes and putting up a fuss about going anywhere but I'm sure she was actually quite content to go where she was being led.

  5. wow, what a day! that is so cool...your kids and the cow kids! :)

    mountain mama

  6. Fantastic post of "LIFE" on a property.
    Your 4 kids are a credit to you and your husband.
    A bit of rain might help??? But I think we'll get this summer more than we bargained for - I just hope the Government listens to the authorities who know what is what, rather than pander to their "advisors". The thought of more summer flooding down in Brisbane is too horrible to contemplate. Release water from the dams as advised.
    Funny how cows will hide calves and they stay put. Just like many other animals with their young - lions, tigers etc.
    Great post.

  7. Oh I forgot - the grey horse looks exactly like my pony club mare of the 1950's ( Moree), called Twilight - my mare had a problem - possessed two minds - good day and bad day. I hope your grey pony has all good days?????



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