Monday, 7 November 2011

Adventures & Injuries

The team saddled up yesterday to help a neighbour walk a mob of cows through some fairly rough terrain.

Sal, most excited and rearing to go. 
Horses were primped and preened in readiness for their grand adventure.

Our big girl safely returned to the fold, after her three day 'transitional' experience at secondary school. 

One youngster, as pictured above,

yet to leave her side.

The afternoon unfolded without incident and ended with far too late a Sunday night for children who had to be at school this morning.

In other news,

Fred the Wonderdog, took a hit for the team on Saturday.  Blocking a mob of freshly cross-branded heifers turned out from the Bottle Tree yards, he was rather unceremoniously stomped on, tearing between his toes, causing a great deal of blood loss and yelping.

The old coot continued to work on three legs, until we were finally able to call him back.  He's still travelling on three, and will be out on injury for sometime yet.  Enjoying the attention he's spending a lot of time lying at the back door, eager to hold his paw aloft for any interested passers-by.

Ella's enjoying having a houseyard companion, though her circle of movement doesn't radiate too far from the verandah.  Her greatest risk of injury perhaps having her head stuck between the banisters.


  1. 1. I wish both of my girls rode as well as your youngest girl (not that the older girls don't ride well, but I am comparing age and experience here) nice hands and seat sally. and laying on ones horse backwards is a favoured occupation here too. although i suspect our ponies have fatter bottoms on which to lay.

    2. my sympathies to fred. sally our wont work cattle but will block up the cat dog has had a wonderful day helping herself to the tub of bones I took out of the freezer...she has bones buried all over the yard. Send Fred up to recuperate, he would have a wonderful time finding them all, three legs or no!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! Brings back many memories of when I was a little girl rounding up the herefords on our farm in Braidwood. I hope poor Fred makes a speedy recovery :-)
    Mel xx

  3. Poor Fred, I'm glad it wasn't one of the kids. Plenty of purple spray and it will be right. Those late nights around here call for tinned spaghetti, baked beans or eggs on toast, chased with a slice of cake or ice cream, then washed down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

  4. Hi, glad Sarah is safely back in the fold; how did you go? I like the image of Fred holding up his paw for anyone who offers sympathy. In answer to your question - we're in Brisbane now; Meg left LA on time and is due in at 7.30 in the morning. I can hardly wait, not sure I'll sleep much. She left behind a rather sad and homesick little brother though :(

  5. How did YOU go with that transitional stay? Brave mama and brave Fred. Maybe you can both recuperate on the verandah.

  6. Love reading about your adventures...That first pic is awesome! Sorry about the dog!

  7. Poor Fred...give him a pet from over this way. Our dog did the same thing a while back and I think she learned to look for a little sympathy long after it was healed.....especially when she got into trouble.

  8. Aww poor Fred! I hope he's ok soon. Lucky doesn't seem to be quite himself right now. Sometimes I really wish dogs could just tell us what's bothering them.

  9. awe..poor wonderdog. i love his spirit to keep on working!!

    mountain mama

  10. Oh god how I love Fred.
    He looks like my old Jed.
    Hope your better soon, Fred.
    Glad the sister's are back together.

  11. I love the first shot Fiona... so relaxed. A good horse, or five, is hard to find! gxo

  12. Your photos turn me green with envy! They tell a story without any text. And that shot of Fred with his sore foot! Reminded me of the time my son's dog was injured and he got the vet to look at it when he was there tending an injured bull. Silly dog then lay down and went to sleep under the vet's truck. Woke too late when the vet started his truck and the poor vet ran over him! When my son got home and told the kids the vet had to put the dog to sleep they said, "But he only had a sore foot!" Look after Fred! :)

  13. Has Fred seen a vet? Is he in pain? Please look after him.

  14. Fred sounds like a trouper, working on three legs. Hope he soon recovers but maybe he'll enjoy lazing about and being fussed over.



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