Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The two Y-chromosome wielding members of our household celebrate birthdays in December, one early on, one close to the end.

One is currently counting days, frantically crossing dates off a specially produced calendar on the fridge, sometimes even before that date has seen the light of day.  The other birthday boy is less excited.

As well as birthdays to ponder, there's been quite a bit of Christmas list production ... helpful for Mums and Nans and Grandis and Old Nevs as well as Santa.

I'm sensing a recurring theme in this one.  Thinking maybe Nerf Guns, fishing rods and knife-belts are not on the radar this year.

Though pleased to see work shirts made the cut.

In light of the fact that a Harry Potter inspired wand workshop has appeared in Wallace and Sally's bedroom, I am thinking that maybe the rest of us will be scoring wands in our stockings this year.

And yes Wallace, I do promise that painting your bedroom will be top of the priority list for 2012.


  1. The kid I nanny for part-time has a Christmas list a mile long with Nerf guns! Hope you guys have fun celebrating the birthdays!

  2. Wallace, just quietly the last two Harry Potter movies are on my list for Santa as well!

    so pleased to see the book on his list as well; and how neat is your boy's handwriting. I live in despair, handwriting does not appear to be a priority up here...

    and I am also noting what cool letter to Santa writing paper you have. Much better than a recycled and half scrunched up bit of paper that was presented to me yesterday ("tell the Santa that comes to school I want a galloping horse like in this picture, and the REAL santa I would like Little Pet Shop please"!)

  3. Yeah, well I still believe. I just can't think of anything I need right now.
    Old Nev.

  4. I adore how he has crossed out 'from' and written 'with love'. Gorgeous :)

  5. ps. and as an end of year baby myself, and not being able to bluff the kids that its my 30th birthday for the seventh year in a row any longer, I am not so excited either!

    although should anything sparkly be gifted to me, I won't complain ;-)

  6. Apparently the Harry Potter books are slightly different, the ones published in Britain are original text and the ones published in USA have been Americanised and loose some of the "atmosphere" ....just a heads up.

  7. I like the "really want this" additions. And I'm very impressed with the neat hand writing. I do hope some of his wishes come true!



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