Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bottle Tree Babes

We managed a rushed trip to Bottle Tree yesterday to needle heifers that will be our recipient females for an embryo transfer program to be conducted early December.  The mathematics involved in dropping kids at school at 8, driving the two and a half hours to Bottle Tree, performing six hours work, and driving the two and a half hour return trip before 3 o'clock doesn't compute.   Thankfully Nanny came to the rescue, putting a quick 220 k's on the clock to collect the kids for me! 

Which gave me time to swing by a couple of dams on the way out and check out these little fellas that are everywhere.

Which will ensure we have something to do the first week of school holidays, with all hands on deck to race these tykes through the branding cradle.

Boredom has never really been an issue for us during school holidays.

This year we'll hopefully slide into Christmas having cleaned up the branding, performed an embryo transfer program, as well as a small IVF program and thrown a new hay shed up.

As well as ensuring the children have a day in town to Christmas shop for their parents!

This wee heifer belonging to Wallace, born from his heifer Rose (note the W on her shoulder).  The children are slowly accumulating more cattle than their parents, but refuse to be drawn into discussion on paying agistment.  Grandad may suggest he had similar conversations with their mother.

These rascals were also enjoying some leisurely time by the dam.

Five suckers in total, all having a wonderful afternoon lounge.  Grateful to have been born free, unlike their domestic cousins who end up in our cold room. 


  1. That's quite a day you had, great photos once again. There really is nothing as happy as a pig in mud is there?

  2. Holy cow (so to speak), those babies are cute.

  3. You have beautiful cattle - and those babies are totally gorgeous! Bet the kids can't wait for school hols to start...

  4. Beautiful calves! The pigs are too funny.

  5. "throw up a hayshed" heh heh heh, you really are the master (or mistress) of understatement aren't you!

    As we had a gorgeously lovely 75mm of rain here last night - and still drizzling on and off - the creeks have been reported be running well already so we are already making plans for swimming at the causeway, the creek will be just perfect height by next weekend, the start of our school holidays. Dad did mention something about fencing (not well received by mum who thinks that should be reserved for summer months) and also shifting cows into a new paddock may also be on the agenda. Plus the round of parties and events that are already filling the calendar.

    and yes, those piggies do look happy!

  6. ** fencing should be saved for WINTER**

  7. Those babies are really very pretty. Hope you're getting some of this rain up your way- more water and mud baths for all!



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