Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The First Tuesday in November

We take the Melbourne Cup rather seriously in these parts. 

I couldn't tell you who won the race,
the food, the flowers, the fashion, the fascinators,

are all on display at our local P&C hosted luncheon

and also at school, where the students were able to dress in suitable race attire.

Sarah's school was also hosting a similar event, so she didn't entirely miss the fun.

{By the way, only one more sleep}.


  1. You look super glam! We take it seriously here and had a wonderful lunch.

    Bet you will be glad to have your big girl home.

  2. You all look so smart! I'd be incredibly proud of those children if they were mine!

    I hope the new school went okay. Eek. Nerves.

  3. You all looked to be having a great time!

  4. kids look great, as does their mother (nice necklace!;-) the girl portion of the family may have been a tad cooler than the boy part....

    Afraid only the boy and I glammed up today for luncheon at the pub, the kids came wandering down from school in time for the race (a lesson on odds I believe!)

    nice to see your face on the blog too.

  5. You clean up VERY well. A great looking bunch!

  6. I seem to be saying 'Oooohs and Aaaahs' about your lovely family often but I must admit their Mum is absolutely stunning!
    They look very proud standing next to you and you are indeed truly blessed!

  7. Great to see that you all celebrated Australia's "defacto" National day in style.
    The only people who "WORK" on this day are those in the hospitality industry and they are run off their feet for the enjoyment of the rest of us. "Been there, done that" but still managed to watch the race.
    Why the day isn't gazetted as a public holiday is one of the mysteries that makes Australia so unique!!!!
    Hope you picked the winner??? I did but my other three in my first 4 combinations, besides Americain were complete flops.
    Ah well 364 days more to go for me to try again - ha ha.

  8. You guys look so great! Love the girl's dresses and yours too!

  9. You all look great - love the beautiful turquoise you wore.



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