Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fun in the Sun

On the day I was expecting to be inundated with rain, as per forecasts for the past fortnight, we instead enjoyed a sultry day poolside as our kids partook in the annual inter-house swimming carnival.  Pre-cursor to next week's inter-school event, it acted as a training session with a little healthy competition thrown in.

With statistics released last week revealing that some 50,000 students will finish primary school in Australia this year unable to swim well enough to save themselves, I'm pleased to report that none of those will hail from our little school.

With butterfly making it into this year's program, our kids have risen to the occasion and displayed their incredible ability and tenacity,

in a stroke that can be downright tricky ...

... and a little bit painful.

Returning home with a handful of ribbons and

sunburnt shoulders,

we're seriously contemplating our tactics for next week's competition.

Will we go the post-swim massage, rub-down and technical de-brief,

or forego all that for a freezing cold Milo?


  1. Those are some scary statistics aren't they? My brother and sister and I could swim by age 3. Mum didn't have enough eyes and arms to watch us and keep us away from the dams and creeks so swimming lessons it was. My 11month old nephew just started his swimming lessons last week....

    Good luck for the inter-school carnival!

  2. Congratulations! These are great pics xx

  3. We spent Friday getting burnt and exhausted too and I would go the cold Milo every time. I admire anyone who can swim butterfly especially tiny ones!

  4. Good pick. I'd go for the freezing cold Milo too - though I'll have to look that up and find out what exactly it is.

  5. My kids are swimmers too! Definitely able to save themselves, in the pool, not sure about river or surf tough as we haven't tested that. I wonder why more schools don't do the life saving medals. I have the bronze medallion and cross etc.

  6. Great photos Fiona! Yes all our kids could swim well from an early age with the help of a swimming lesson every week for a few years. I can't imagine the kids not being able to swim especially living on the farm! Good luck for next week's carnival!

  7. Just brilliant, Fiona! Loving the action shots in particular, especially as I find breaststroke so tricky. All this lied ahead of us...J x

  8. we have our carnival in first term! and breastroke has arrived for the big girl, and it seems she has some talent at it, which does not come from either parents!

    water confidence is not a problem here, more like over confidence!

    good luck kids! and remember to breath!

  9. Good luck to your kids! I'm a terrible swimmer so I have the utmost respect for anyone who is remotely talented in the water.

  10. wow! they look like serious swimmers! and cute as always!

    mountain mama



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