Thursday, 10 November 2011

If you wanna grow up ...

to be a big, big man

you've gotta

get a little

dirt on your hands son,

get a little dirt on your hands.

Wallace heard this old song on the radio recently, and has been singing it ever since.

Mum's pretty impressed to have been usurped of the task of chopping wood, though we may have to work on his method of swinging blindly with eyes closed.


  1. Your son is a great guy, he holds an ax chopping wood just right, very good!
    Greetings from Wilma

  2. must be a bit of pig scalding about to occur to have a need for so much wood... (i really hope you don't have to light a fire daily for domestic hot water!) and yes, I do hope the method improves, I fear for all bystanders and for the state of his toes...

    and what is that I see by the chopping block? a little fire starting aide?! tut tut (says she when lighting the donkey at the prickle farm, had had to apply a liberal dose of firebug fuel to get her fire to an acceptable hot water heating state!)

    I must say I am enjoying the flow of blog posts!

  3. oh...those closed eyes...clearly I shouldn't worry :)

  4. Oh Fiona, Wallace is such a sweetheart. Those closed eyes were the first thing I noticed! It must be hard to assert his 'manliness' with 3 sisters ☺. Go, Wallace! J x

  5. gotta love it!! :)

    mountain mama

  6. I was admiring his hand/eye co-ordination in the first thwo shots. I think you just caught him blinking in the third shot! Eyes closed or not, I'd still be a super proud mum! That's a great effort from the young man.

  7. Fiona
    Put this on some sort of media watch, that city kids can see - might wake them and their parents, that being "couch potatoes" is really not a life style.
    Well done young Wallace

  8. Ha! The swinging with the eyes closed! What a good help he is.



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