Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's Always Exciting ...

... when Dad takes the truck to work.  One never knows what may result.

Today's return trip saw the addition of two new broncs to the plant.  Wallace has been having difficulty with his old mare in recent times and was on the lookout for a new steed.

Enter Hero.

A retired stockhorse, whose younger days were spent in the far north.

 Who seems to have ticked

all the boxes.

Sarah quickly lay claim to the second grey off the truck.

Meet Warrior.

And so while the horses were put through their paces, others looked on,

pleading for a turn.

Which with some serious negotiation came about.

Providing some rail time for Sarah and Wal.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, further investigation revealed another surprise in the truck.

Because apparently the twenty-five pigs currently in our possession,

just aren't enough.

Welcome Hero, Warrior ... and Crackling.


  1. Love the name of your new Porcine friend, how very appropriate...

  2. Now they are exciting additions to the fold. Particularly Crackling....

    Take care.

  3. Is crackling male or female? The brown spotty horse, what do they call that colour? is it flea....something or is my memory failing! The kids look very happy with the new horses and piggy of course.

  4. please ask Matthew to find me another kids horse on his travels too, one just like those two, my search so far not at all successful (the horse Kate is riding was already of retirement age, I think the time has come for the old girl to be left in the paddock in peace!) What a great find, how much fun are the kids going to have with their new steeds!

    I wouldn't mind the pig too although I would prefer it came baked or smoked ;-)

  5. ps what is the purple flowering plant I can see on the loading ramp amongst the other weeds and grasses?

  6. I love the name crackling ... very apt. It seems that the new arrivals are very popular. Love the photos particuarly those taken of the kids on the rails and Wallace patting Hero.

  7. Hero and Warrior are going to love their time at Rock Wallaby and surrounds; poor old Crackling might not! After reading that he escaped and that he's imminently for the smoker, he's not going to be around long enough to enjoy himself.

  8. Now if my husband came home with a pig and two horses, I wouldn't be particularly thrilled! But your new additions look right at home!



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