Tuesday, 15 November 2011


For the first time in many months we have had a full weekend at home.  Bliss.

In celebration of our wedding anniversay on Friday, and after weeks of discussion and preparation, the children treated us to a three course meal Saturday night, preparing and serving everything themselves.

With entree served on the verandah, we enjoyed coriander-infused meatballs served on a spear of rosemary.

Of course, they were cooked when we enjoyed them.

We were moved inside for main course, where lamb racks

encrusted with a crumb of bread, parsley and rosemary were served with

asparagus rolled in

mozzarella and prosciutto and honeyed carrots with a light sprinkling of sesame seeds.

With Jessie operating as Head Chef,

and Sarah general gopher, offsider to Jess and creator of atmosphere via the wonders of her ipod,

Wallace and Sally were exceptional wait-staff

with Wallace only bumping one glass of wine into his mother's lap.

The grand finale,

as appearing on the cover of the current Family Circle magazine

was simply amazing.

Fully prepared by Sarah, this one will definitely be returning for Christmas.

I went to bed that night feeling very spoilt.  Spoilt by the richness of my life, spoilt to have four healthy children who can not only chop wood, open gates and work cattle, but who can also cook.  I can see myself becoming redundant in the not too distant future.


  1. What a very lucky mummy you are. The meals look delicious. x

  2. that is the sweetest thing ever! i need to get the asparagus recipe from your kids!! :)

    happy anniversary!

    mountain mama

  3. That is just so beautiful Fiona. Treasured moments..

  4. Fiona - if you have managed to raise such gorgeous kids you deserve to be spoilt!

    This post just made my day.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful night! Sarah did a great job with the cake!

  6. Seriously. Now they are kids to be proud of, that's for sure.
    That cake looks like a Masterchef made it.
    Beautiful. You must post a photo of your dress, Fiona, you know the one you didn't really buy, like me. Ha, Niki.

  7. your kids cook better than me...and now I will go and buy Family Circle to see if my meagre skills are to to reproducing that cake....and so you should be proud of your kids! they did the WHOLE thing by themselves?

    I think I will send my girls to your place for a holiday :-)

  8. what absolutely wonderful kids you have Fiona...tuck this night away in your memory bank forever!!!

  9. Oh Fiona, I am *so* delighted for you, my friend. Look what gorgeous children you've raised to think up and carry out something so loving and delicious for you! Just fabulous. J x

  10. What a memorable occasion and such gorgeous children you have!!


    ps thanks so much for the link to the longlaparound - just the inspiration I needed while I tackle the 'delightful' task of packing up our entire house :-)

  11. That is a seriously nice gift from the children. Jess must be watching junior Masterchef like my little one, or became inspired somewhere along the line-by perhaps you! I just loooove it when someone else organises eggs on toast, this would be a huge shock to my system! Tell us did they keep their halos on by doing all the cleaning up too? Heaven!!!! I must get my kids to read this too!!

  12. You don't do to bluddy bad, you lot.
    Old Nev.

  13. Wow your kids are amazing. They are so talented. I'm sure you're really proud of them as they should be of themselves. Glad you had a lovely Anniversary. Definitely one to remember :0)

  14. You must be one proud mumma!

    Your children are fabulous :)

  15. You kids are amazing cooks---chefs!


  16. That's beautiful; those kids are real treasures.

  17. I'm glad you were so rewarded on your birthday. Luck has nothing to do with it, you deserve those kids, they are your reward for all the time you have put into raising them to be as they are. Well done and I'm sure you all (including the kids) enjoyed every minute of it.

  18. Fiona,
    Obviously all your guidance to your children has paid off!! Enjoy, you deserve it xo

  19. Wow, that looks stunning! Not even sure I could manage to cook that meal. Your kids are a credit to you both. Many congratulations on your anniversary.

  20. Wow, lucky you - your kids are amazing!!! I picked up the Family Circle magazine also when I was so attracted to the cover - we'll be making it for Christmas too!!

  21. Hello! I've come across from 'Life in the Country'. Wow, what a gorgeous family you have with such talented kids! That anniversary menu looked absolutely fabulous - Junior MasterChef worthy!

    Cheers - Joolz (South Aus)

  22. Oh wow! Can't wait until my kids get old enough to cook for me!

  23. OMG. Speechless. just speechless!



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