Friday, 30 December 2011

And That's That

We've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. 

Santa providing a bountiful supply of joy.

and overflowing Nanny's recycling bin.

As is the case every year we've eaten far more than we should,

or maybe that's just me.

Either way I'm hopeful that 2012 may see elasticated waistbands make a comeback.

Meet my Mum and Dad,

they're two of my favourite people.
We had Christmas at their place, with my brother, his wife and two boys down to visit.

We seem to have come home with an additional three thousand pieces of lego,

difficult to find when searching for the exact piece required for a Harry Potter Night Train, easier in the middle of the night enroute to the bathroom when said piece embeds itself in the soft arch of one's foot.

A small price to pay I guess for the hours of fun.

The intense focus required soon took its toll on this young player,

she'd crashed before the sun set on another Christmas Day.
Fortunately swimming replaces bathing this time of year.

We returned home with a very sick Dad, still struggling to recover from some fever that has a firm grip on his usually resilient self.  Angry that he's never had a day sick from work, but is going to spend his holidays infirmed, he's been trying to work on the dozer and continue through the great 'to do' list that his break from 'work' entails.

We've celebrated his birthday since,

and with Dad too sick to enjoy his mud cake, the children and I are resolutely soldiering through it.

We returned home to a power outage brought about by a quite savage storm which left forty mil in the rain-guage and a path of destruction in its wake.  Fuses were blown on the main power line, our major casualty a relatively new deep freezer full of beef and pork.  We saved the meat, but have yet another brand new freezer in our possession.

Our newly established aquarian eco-system suffered a seventy-five percent reduction in numbers, with our sole survivor only lasting two more days.
Hopefully better days ahead in 2012.

Of course it's since been resolved that we will never be leaving home again.


  1. Fiona I love the picture of the 'wake of xmas destruction', the excitement is palpable from that photo. It is so familiar. Poor Matthew, that is so unjust, sick on his holidays, poor guy! The food looked fantabulous, was that an itty bitty piglet I saw? I need to be a vegetarian, it just sounds like hard work though! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone there!

  2. sounds like a similar virus that was doing the rounds up here. Not much advice except keep up the fluids (and beer does not really count as a fluid even though Trevor tried convincing me that) and rest, which probably doesn't include sitting on a d6!

    looks like christmas was a ripper! some psuedo lego made it under our tree (ie different brand) cheaper yes, but inferior too. Oh well live and learn and around here they get pulled apart and recreated into different masterpeiced just minutes after a parent spent hours constructing per the instruction book.

    love Sally dress, eyed off its twin in target just the other day...left it there. Not sure my girls are ladylike or graceful enough to handle the long skirt of a maxi...

    and ps: I'm with you on the elastic waist bands. And tunic tops ;-)

  3. Great photos Fiona!! I hope your hubby gets well soon! seen lots of cattle these last few days that made me think of you as they are identical to the ones on your blog :-) Happy New Years for tomorrow! Mel xx

  4. I'm going for kaftans myself, skip waistbands of any kind! Hopefully New Year will see you all refreshed, healthy and with a new tank of guppies. This is the first Christmas we skipped Lego. Our lego bin runneth over!

  5. Thanks for all your posts throughout the year Fiona. I always enjoy reading them - they immediately transport me from city girl to life on the land - love it!!!

  6. Ah yes, I remember the Lego under foot days! Hope your husband soon feels better - so unjust to be ill at Christmas.

  7. Hi Fiona et alia
    Well you certainly didn't go hungry!!!
    The seafood display had me almost eating this
    machine in a futile attempt to attack it with gusto!
    Hope you have a bumper year with the cattle and the kids have a successful school year, especially the eldest who leaves the family nest for boarding school.

  8. Many thanks for sharing! Photos were great!
    Wishing you and your little family the very best for 2012!
    Happy New Year!

  9. What a bummer hubby being such for the holidays. It looks like you had a fun Chrissy. The path of present detruction looks like ours. I too came home once from holidays to a freezer full of rotten food. I've since started putting EVERYTHING on those monster power boards, they work! Expensive, but no more stuffed appliances. Happy new years!

  10. A beautifully captured and described Christmas! My eyes lingered and lingered on that last shot, there is a whole story just in that one image.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Fiona.



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