Sunday, 4 December 2011

December Days

Saturday, December 3 was a busy day in the Rock Wallaby household.  With the boychild celebrating his ninth birthday,

there was of course cake to prepare, 

chocolate mudcake as ordered,
(jaffas replacing the fresh raspberries I would have preferred),

   ... but still given the nod by sister number three.

(note the front teeth, or lack thereof ... already tiring of the "all I want for xmas" remarks, and after two nights of tooth-fairy no-shows, was most appreciative of a visit last night).

Saturday also included much backing and forthing to the yards, observing and AI-ing donor females in preparation for next week's flush,

and no, the stickers aren't part of our festive, decorative theme for the month, but instead act to assist us in determining when a heifer is in 'standing heat' and therefore ready to be artificially inseminated some twelve to fifteen hours later.  Always nice to use red or green ones this time of year though.

And of course in preparation for Christmas, there were bacon pieces and hams to be smoked.

With the aroma of smoky, baking hams wafting through the house, and Sarah's just downloaded Christmas tunes belting from her ipod, it was starting to feel just like a 'ripper little Aussie Christmas', as one of the songs declared.

With Wallace's remote controlled helicopter buzzing around our heads,

and unwilling to share this year's crop with the flying foxes and parrots, we wrapped mangoes in newspaper and hid them in a dark corner to ripen.

The kids set about erecting the Tree

and adorning the house,

racing to be first from bed to see what treats our advent doll has in store,

some days better loot than others.
(If the tooth-fairy can't even remember to visit, you can imagine how well this is going).

Wallace is hoping for somewhat of an advantage at being first on the scene,

 with this birthday present most timely.

And so the birthday celebrations ended with lasagne on the menu,

and Julie Goodwin's Milk Chocolate Pots

a fitting finale to a fun day, before the children retired to the cubby, where for the second night in succession the very bravest of the brave laid their sweet heads

which of course contributed to the tooth-fairy dilemma I've no doubt.

And now with another weekend coming to a close, two more Christmas porkers hang in the cold-room, donor heifers are back in their paddock and we're readying ourselves for the last week of school.


  1. It looks like your son had a great birthday.
    That is one pretty advent calender you have there.
    And milk chocolate pots...yummo. x

  2. Happy birthday Wallace!! Fiona love the advent dolly...have pinned that to make for next year. The crocheted blankets come curtains are gorgeous!!Did you make them???

  3. Just love the sleeping in the cubby. So much fun. Our kids have asked for a tent for Christmas. No prizes for guessing where they will sleep Christmas night!

  4. Oh...we must have the same Tooth fairy and Advent Fairy...I just gave up and bought one at the supermarket 'sigh'!
    What a great birthday ... Happy Birthday Wallace!!!

  5. What a lovely day that was. Good to see your December days having great time. Ugh, the sight of that cake makes my tummy grumble. :D

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  6. Happy Birthday to Wallace. Your photography is amazing as usual.

  7. Another busy weekend at Rock Wallaby. Happy Birthday Wallace, you look very happy. Fiona, your advent doll is beautiful. Pork and Mangoes - my two favorite foods. Love your new banner, best one yet. I'll have to try one again. Mare.

  8. Happy Birthday to Wallace.

    I too, love your advent dolly.

    The tooth fairy was never on time in our household either, when the children were young. She hasn't improved any with age or time when the grand-babies are visiting.

    Fiona, you are one busy lady!!

  9. Great photos as usual Fiona! Happy Birthday to Wallace! The cake and choc pots look devine! Yum!

  10. Happy Birthday Wallace!

    This Tooth Fairy causes a bit of trouble - she's forgotten a few fine specimens down here too!

  11. Watch out girls time for some man stuff. Happy Birthday Wal, don't forget when you're finished playing helicopters get out the footy, you're a big boy now.
    Old Nev.

  12. What a great birthday! Sure seems like everyone enjoyed themselves! The cake looks wonderful as always!

  13. love the festive heading on your blog!!! :)

  14. I love December! This December we will celebrate two birthdays and our niece's wedding as well as Christmas. There will be another grandbaby to add to Santa's list. Your December is just so exciting with so many happenings. I love the prospect of cooking new yummies as well as old favourites. It's a wonderful time of year.

  15. old nev you seem to fit in just fine with this crowd! ;-)

    Most pressingly Fiona, do green mangoes ripen when wrapped or do they need to have some colour? parrots do sorties (spelling) several times a day past the trees here...Wallace and that helicopter could be very useful in keeping flying pests at bay!

    last time we were due for tooth fairy visit child #2, learning from past tooth fairy absent mindedness, to place the special glass containing said tooth in prominent position (co-incidentally close to the coffee and kettle!)

  16. You got it Sharon, I'm just one of the girls.
    I really enjoy your Blogs because one of my best army mates came from Hughenden. His name was Fred Hoare and he was killed in Vietnam just a few days before I got there.
    The photos of Hughenden railway Station were particularly nostalgic for me. Hope that the weather is being kind to you at last.
    Old Nev.

  17. you lucky things having mangoes!! Happy birthday Wallace! I hope you have another great year! I loove that advent doll. veeery sweet.

  18. Jealous of the mangoes... and the chocolate pots... and the warm weather... and the chocolate cake looks delicious! I think I want to move to Australia.

  19. Those chocolate pots look seriously dangerous!! Triple YUMMO!
    I too am jealous of the mangoes. If only we could do a fruit exchange. I'd happily send Loganberries, pears and plums to you in exchange!
    How's the C25K going? I'm surprising myself and running my way thru week 4 - on to week 5 on Monday.. Holy cow! Loving it.
    Love the cubby sleepout. Aren't our kiddos sublime? Not a boring moment.

    xx Happy day...



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